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  • Auction Preview

    AC Stickley Arts & Crafts Auction

    Born in Wisconsin, Gustav Stickley learned his trade while working in his uncle's chair factory. Stickley and his four brothers soon started manufacturing furniture for themselves. He launched Mission Furniture and built his brand around hand-crafted, simple, well-made designs with natural materials. Stickley also published a popular monthly magazine, The…

    Dedham Pottery Night and Morning Pitcher
  • Auction Preview

    California Living

    Antonio Jacobsen, also known as the “Audubon of steam vessels,” painted over 6,000 ships in his lifetime. Clients chose Jacobsen both for his commitment to accuracy and his low cost, charging a rate of about five dollars per piece ($130 today, when adjusted for inflation). A profile of a sailing…

    A Fulper Pottery vase