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  • Auction Preview

    Modern & Contemporary Sale

    Four paintings from rising Cleveland artist Rose Haserodt will be offered in Neue Auctions’ upcoming sale What’s Neue Pussycat? MCM Art & Design. In her own words, Haserodt’s style aims to capture “raw, awkward experiences... romantic without the romance.” The offered works from the contemporary artist show colorful, slightly disjointed…

    Thomas Ackermann (Canadian, b.1952)
  • Auction Preview

    February 2020 Fine Art

    The upcoming February 2020 Fine Art auction, presented by Neue Auctions, will feature one of Bridget Riley’s color screenprints. Using mainly pastel tones, Riley’s painting repeats curved lines at regular intervals across the canvas. These lines create an illusion that the lines are moving. She is quoted as searching for…

    Robert Daughters (American, NM, AZ, 1929-2013)