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  • Auction Preview

    Jewelry, Luxury Acc, Sterling Silver, Coins

    The Morgan silver dollar series, minted in Carson City, is among the most sought-after currencies in the United States. The CC Morgan dollars were first struck in 1878 and depict the history of the American Wild West. Only 13 coins were part of the series. Carson City, until 1859, was…

    A 3.65 ct Ruby & Diamond Ring in 18K
  • Auction Preview

    Silver & Vertu

    The American silversmith Samuel Kirk was well known for introducing the repoussé metalworking technique to the United States. This involves hammering the reverse side of a malleable metal to craft a low-relief design. One of the key lots showcased in the upcoming Silver & Vertu auction, offered by Rago, is…

    Tiffany & Co., marine-themed tankard