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  • Auction Preview

    From Museum-Worthy Renoir Paintings to Qing Dynasty Antiques, Millea Bros. Presents Three-Day Extravagant Auction

    The upcoming auction by Millea Bros. is a three-day event that will showcase more than 1,000 lots. The first day features Modern art. Highlights include a Fernand Léger gouache, a Richard D. MacDonald bronze sculpture, Alberto Giacometti drawing, and works from the collection of Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason. Kahn and Mason…

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir (attrib.), oil on canvas
  • Auction Preview

    Los Angeles Collection | No Reserve

    The Kangxi emperor was among the most prominent Chinese emperors of the Manchu Qing dynasty. The imperial kilns at Jingdezhen, overlooked for almost 60 years, were reopened during his reign. With the help of Jesuit missionaries, the emperor introduced new technologies to manufacture commercial and imperial porcelain. Kangxi-period porcelain especially…

    Chinese Doucai Porcelain Vase
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art

    A Parsi-Indian boy orphaned at 16 went on to become a household name in India. Schools, colleges, hospitals, and bridges are named after the merchant-prince of Bombay, Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy. He was known for his high spirit of enterprise, strict integrity, punctuality, and especially his generosity. In 1858, Jeejeebhoy was…

  • Auction Preview

    Fine Art, Jewelry, Antiques, Sculpture, Glass, Original Illustrations

    A French painter and printmaker, Louis Valtat was strongly associated with Fauvism, a style of painting that emphasized fierce brushwork and the use of colors rather than realistic qualities. His oil on canvas painting titled La Mer is one of the leading lots at the upcoming Fine Art, Jewelry, Antiques,…

    Fernando Cueto Amorsolo (1892 - 1972)
  • Auction Preview

    Asian Decorative Arts - Online-Only Auction

    In 1951, the São Paulo Art Biennial awarded prizes to Hanga artists rather than the usual master painters and sculptors. The two artists selected were Tetsuro Komai for his etchings and Kiyoshi Saito for his woodblock prints. Sosaku Hanga artists were generally disregarded in the Japanese art world, for their…

  • Auction Preview

    Asian Art Catalogue Auction : Session I

    Yongzheng faux bois brush pots are always painted in grisaille (grey monochrome) enamel, however, the addition of Famille rose enamel makes them extremely rare. The faux bois and Famille rose porcelain brush pot offered in the Session I of the Asian Art Catalogue Auction was a part of the Royal…