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  • Auction Preview

    Fine Art Online Auction

    One of Peter Sculthorpe’s watercolor paintings titled Parker’s Cove is available in the Fine Art Online Auction, offered by Shannon’s. The winter scene is named after a Canadian town that the artist visited. In Sculthorpe’s words, “The inspiration for my work comes from areas spanning the stark regions of Newfoundland…

    GIULIO DEL TORRE, Italian (1856-1932), Feeding the Doll, oil on panel
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    Death and the Maiden

    Known best as a Surrealist painter, Tiffany Dae incorporates classical oil painting techniques into her imaginative works. Raised with a passion for media and magic, Dae creates with the belief that art mirrors culture. Her paintings often depict celestial realms, which she describes as “... representations of another world, in…

    Carla Secco
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    Prints & Multiples Monthly Online Auction

    Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami is known for his contributions to both fine art and commercial media. Murakami leads the Superflat movement, which employs flattened forms in Japanese animation, graphic art, and pop culture. Murakami is best known for his recurring motifs, including smiling flowers, mushrooms, and skulls. A Little…

    Verner Panton (Danish, 1926-1998) Concentri.
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    Fine Books & Manuscripts

    The upcoming Fine Books & Manuscripts auction, offered by Potter & Potter Auctions, will include photographs, posters, and fine art in addition to written works. Among the books available in the sale are several early and rare editions of Ian Fleming’s novels, especially those from the James Bond series. Featured…

    Fine Books & Manuscripts
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    The Collection of Mario Buatta - Day 1

    Mario Buatta, an American interior decorator, was commonly regarded as “the Prince of Chintz.” Buatta owned a significant personal collection of decorative art, fine art, and furniture. This March, Stair presents over 1,000 items from Buatta’s collection over two days. The first session particularly features an ebonized four-light girandole mirror.…

    Pair of Chinese Export Porcelain Blue and White Vases Mounted as Lamps
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    Prints + Multiples

    The upcoming Prints + Multiples Auction, offered by Rago, will present a selection of works from both Modern and contemporary artists. On offer are several recognizable prints by Andy Warhol, including pieces from his Campbell’s Soup can series. Soup varieties represented are Vegetable, Old Fashioned Vegetable, and Onion. A related…

    Robert Cottingham, Art
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    Dogs in Art® & Sporting Art

    The upcoming Dogs in Art & Sporting Art auction, offered by Doyle, is scheduled to coincide with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which is an all-breed conformation show held yearly in New York City. The show draws almost 3,000 dogs, thousands of people, and takes place over two days.…

    Thomas Blinks
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    The John Steinbeck Collection

    After remaining in storage for almost 20 years, a selection of ephemera, documents, and memorabilia from the estate of John and Elaine Steinbeck will come to auction. The event, offered by Curated Estates Auctions, will include more than 200 items from the couple’s life together. John Steinbeck’s novels on the…

    Photo of Elaine Pastures of Heaven - John Bryson
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    Winter Estates Auction February 8 & 9, 2020 Day 2 of 2

    The second day of the upcoming Winter Estates Auction offered by Neal Auction Company will include over 450 lots. Item categories such as furniture and decorative art are especially prominent in the collection. One highlighted item is a bronze table lamp with Handel leaded glass from the early 20th century.…

    John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851)
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    Fine Art: Street & Contemporary Online Only Auction

    Popularly known as “The Shadowman,” Richard Hambleton started his career as a graffiti artist alongside a group of confidants and collaborators that included Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf. His work includes series such as Mass Murder, Shadow Head Portraits, Marlboro Man, and Shadow Man. He is one of many…

    MISS VAN (FRENCH, 1973)
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    Americana & Hunting Books from the Estate of Arnold Jake Johnson

    Arnold "Jake" Johnson was a spirited bibliophile who collected rare books that fascinated the likes of avid book collectors from all around the world. Johnson’s book collection ranged from the 17th century to contemporary reads which still are unique and valuable. This September, a part of Johnson’s books is being…

    Doyle Auction
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    Decorative Arts, Fine Art & Jewelry

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s life was a seamless blend of fate, hard work, and talent. Renoir moved to Paris between 1844 - 1846 near Louvre (a world-renowned art museum). Less than six decades later, he’d be known as the leader of the Impressionism movement. Featuring more than 30 of his works, Decorative…

    Decorative Arts, Fine Art & Jewelry/Auctiondaily
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    American & European Works of Art: Fine Prints, Multiples & Photographs

    American & European Works of Art: Fine Prints, Multiples & Photographs auction includes the artistic talents of Helen Frankenthaler, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso. Skinner has put on a great auction, starting with a woodcut by Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011). “Tales of Genji III” is a beautiful gray woodcut with several…

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    Japanese Prints

    “To buy art, you really buy the energy of [the piece],” says Japanese-American artist Mayumi Oda. “I feel I have a very strong responsibility to make people exuberant, happy, [and] healthy.” Oda’s prints, including several available in the upcoming Japanese Prints Auction offered by Skinner, aim to empower women and…

    Japanese Prints/AuctionDaily
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    The Mary Wells Advertising & Americana Auction

    The Mary Wells Advertising & Americana Auction, offered by Leland Little, is anchored by some tobacco advertisements from a variety of producers. One lot garnering a lot of early interest consists of two lithographs advertising Bull Durham brand tobacco. The largest, perhaps more desirable of the two, is from a…

    Duke Tobacco Poster Double Sided Folding Screen/AuctionDaily
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    Prints by Paul Jacoulet

    Prints by Paul Jacoulet is an auction offered by Weschler’s Auctioneers & Appraisers. All sixteen lots in this auction are by Paul Jacoulet, who was a French woodblock print artist based in Japan. He is known for a combined style of traditional Japanese ukiyo-e and techniques he developed himself. Jacoulet…

    Chagrins D'Amour. Kusaie, Est Carolines (Sorrows of Love. Kusaie, East Carolines) - Paul Jacoulet
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    Summer Magic Auction

    The Summer Magic Auction by Potter & Potter Auctions is a delightfully diverse collection of magic ephemera, antiques, and other collectible items. For magicians and their acts, there is a three-color window card produced for Houdini’s final tour, among the many posters and promotional materials. Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-born,…

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    August Gallery Auction

    The August Gallery Auction, offered by Leland Little, is primarily a collection of home and office décor. Among the fine antique pieces are three music boxes, one of which is a Regina Coin-Operated table top unit. Regina was an American producer who made these musical instruments. They were usually built…

    A Qing Dynasty Chinese Cloisonne Snuff Bottle
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    Vintage Posters

    The Vintage Poster auction, offered by Swann Auction Galleries, consists of a large variety of classic posters, many of which will be highly recognizable even to the non-collector. One of the most well-known and easily identifiable of the sale is James Montgomery Flagg’s “I Want You for U.S. Army” poster…

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    Mid-Summer Fine Art and Photography Sale

    Modern art’s influence within the last century has been infectious, to say the least. Classical realism began to fade with the rise of impressionism, opening the floodgates to an entirely new generation of artistic forms and styles. The 20th century and contemporary art are on full display in the upcoming…