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  • Auction Preview

    Dale Chihuly and Peter Voulkos Will Lead Coming Rago Sale

    While traditional glass-making is about symmetry, Dale Chihuly’s work shows a departure from the past. To create his sculptures, Chihuly allows molten glass to find its own shape organically using gravitational force. Irregularity and asymmetry are defining characteristics of his work. Over the years, he has produced a wide range…

    Dale Chihuly, Persian and Horn Chandelier
  • Auction Preview

    “On the Road to Glendale with Mecum Auctions”

    Auto enthusiasts can expect a broad array of collector cars at the third annual Mecum Auctions sale in Glendale, Arizona. The sale will be held at State Farm Stadium and is expected to host more than 1,200 cars. One of the featured cars in the sale is one of only…

    1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7
  • Auction Preview

    Quail Motorcar Auction

    The Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 was designed to keep Romeo at the top of the international motor racing scene in the 1930s. With its straight-eight, twin-overhead-camshaft engine, the 8c 2300 did exactly. It was eventually associated with notable racers such as Luigi Chinetti and Tazio Nuvolari. A 1934 Alfa Romeo…