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    Asian Arts, Glass, & Musical Instruments

    During the Qing dynasty, Chinese porcelain was often made with bright colors and meticulously painted scenes. Chinese craftsmen began applying a variety of underglaze pigments to floral and landscape scenes, a much-prized style in the West. Porcelain from the Qing dynasty is available in the upcoming Asian Arts, Glass, &…

    Fender FM-100 A-Style Mandolin
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    Winter Gallery Auction

    Lazy Susans, also known as dumbwaiters, date back to 18th century England. Although the origin of the word is a mystery, some say Thomas Jefferson invented the term because his daughter complained of being served last at dinner. The spinning disks assist in serving meals and contributed to the replacement…

    A Chinese Cloisonne Censer with Cover
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    The Nippon Collection of Valerie Herts

    The Nippon Collection of Valerie Herts Auction presents a vivid range of antique and vintage porcelain collectibles by Eldred's Auction. The remarkable auction has an extensive and well-selected variety of Nippon porcelain collection by Nippon collector, Valerie Herts. A pair of Moriage Nippon porcelain vases in trumpet form is the…