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  • Auction Preview

    Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art

    Leading Artemis Gallery’s mid-August Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic, & Fine Art sale is a Roman statuette of Cupid from the first to second century CE. Created during the transition from archaic to classical fine art styles, many Greek and Roman sculptors were combining realism with mythology. The available lot shows a…

    Huge - Important Panamanian 15K+ Gold Frog - 56 gr
  • Auction Preview

    Variety Sale: Antiquities & Ethnographic Art

    In pre-Colombian Central America, frogs symbolized seasonal rainfall and fertility. Leaders often wore gold ornaments modeled after the animal to signal power and honor. Available in the upcoming Antiquities & Ethnographic Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery, is a 55% gold frog amulet from ancient Panama. This detailed piece has…

    Large - Portly Colima Dog Effigy Vessel
  • Auction Preview

    Charity Auction Ancient Ethnographic Jewelry

    Since 15,000 B.C., Egyptian carved cameos were used to record events. It was during the reign of Alexander the Great in the third century B.C. that the Greeks and Romans started incorporating mythological images in cameos. A Roman cameo pendant necklace from that period is one of the key lots of…

    21K Gold Necklace w- Egyptian Scarabs, Djed Pillars