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  • Auction Preview

    Chinese Jade Exhibition Plaque and Rare Vases Come to Auction With Akiba Antiques

    Dubbed the “jewel of heaven,” jade holds a very coveted place in Chinese history. Jade objects are prized for their exquisiteness and are symbolically associated with purity and immortality. In days of yore, ritual plaques were carved out of jade slabs. A large antique Chinese jade exhibition plaque from the…

    Large Buda Family Exhibition Jade Plaque
  • Auction Preview

    The Collector: Property from Four American Collections

    The upcoming auction presented by Christie’s, The Collector: Property from Four American Collections, offers a wide array of fine art and furniture from around the world. With an estimate of $20,000, Claude Venard’s Femme et Nature Morte (Woman and Still Life) is one of the standout items in the auction.…

    The Collector: Property from Four American Collections/AuctionDaily
  • Auction Preview

    Collector’s Auction

    Auctions are engaging as they present diverse history and culture with works of artists and arts representing the creativity of the highest order. Representing such creativity is Collector’s Auction, offered by Alderfer Auction. The auction surprises buyers from various genres as the highlights range from fine arts such as a…

    Alderfer Auction