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    American Revolution Scrimshaw Powder Horns & Native American Rattlesnake Basket Among Top Lots Available With New England Auctions

    Americana and Native American historical collectibles are coming to auction this January at New England Auctions. A scrimshaw powder horn marked, 'Worren Desember 21, 1778,' [sic] leads the auction. The available horn depicts a town scene with a church, houses, a pinwheel, and a ship. There are also drawings of…

    Native American Rattlesnake Basket
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    Bidsquare-Exclusive Auction Connects Contemporary and Historical American Art

    British painter David Shepherd was working as an aviation artist when he visited Kenya for the first time in the 1960s. The trip prompted the development of his now-iconic depictions of African wildlife. Available in Coeur d’Alene Art Auction’s upcoming sale is Serengeti Skies, a 1977 painting from Shepherd. “Although…

    David Shepherd (1931–2017)- Serengeti Skies (1977)
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    Traditional/Individual Modern Native American Art

    Traditional Native American fetishes were used as spiritual talismans of protection and religious symbolism. Present in many Indigenous cultures, modern fetishes often serve artistic and decorative purposes in addition to their spiritual qualities. Denise Wallace, an artisan from Alaska’s Chugach tribe, designed a fetish necklace in 1992 to explore her…

    A Pauta Saila sculpture
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    The Jewelers Vault & Luxury Estate Finds

    When Mattel unveiled the first Barbie doll at New York's Toy Fair in 1959 as “Barbie the Teen-Age Fashion Model,” it took the world by storm. The upcoming Jewelers Vault & Luxury Estate Finds auction, presented by Whitley’s Auctioneers, will offer several collectible Barbie dolls. Featured is the 40th-anniversary collector’s edition…

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    Sporting & Adirondack Auction, Day 1

    The first day of the Sporting & Adirondack Auction, offered by Duane Merrill & Company, includes antique and modern firearms, Native American items, Northeastern taxidermy, Lake Champlain decoys, sporting art, gold coins, and more. Featured in this auction is a Winchester Repeating Arms rifle from 1886. This piece was engraved…

    West Coast Inuit Carved Wolf Mask
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    Edged Weapons, Armor & Militaria

    A selection of vintage military swords is featured in the upcoming Edged Weapons, Armor & Militaria auction offered by Morphy Auctions. One sword available in the sale is a saber used in 1939 for the establishment of the small, elite organization known as the Topographical Engineers. The saber is a…

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    Native American & Spanish Colonial

    Turner Auctions + Appraisals is set to offer the upcoming Native American & Spanish Colonial auction. In this sale, Indigenous and European baskets, rugs, oil paintings, and jewelry will be available. Highlighted is a painting by Victor Higgins. The artist was just fifteen years old when he left his parents…

    Native American & Spanish Colonial
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    Denver Collections featuring property from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

    The upcoming Denver Collections auction presented by Hindman features property from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, including artists and weavers such as Robert Lougheed and Linda Nez.  Lougheed, a Canadian American artist, specialized in works of the American West. He was an illustrator for National Geographic and Reader’s…

    George Molnar (American, b. 1953) Pueblo Half Pint/Auctiondaily
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    Gallery Auction

    A little-known fact about classic cuckoo clocks is their lengthy history, dating back to the first century B.C.  These automaton clocks have experienced massive changes over the years, particularly when the Chinese merged their intricate craftsmanship with the existing technology. These clocks and many other decorative and fine art items…

    Wedgwood Black Basalt Classical Vase/AuctionDaily
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    Primitives & Americana

    The Primitives & Americana Auction offered by Bunch Auctions will include strong and quirky examples of American antique collectibles. The highlight of this auction is an 1809 needlework sampler by Kezia Burrough from the West-Town boarding school. Embroidered with a delicate and moving poem, this piece offers a careful view…

    Primitives & Americana/Auctiondaily
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    Antique and Other Fine Dolls

    The very first bisque dolls were created by French doll makers sometime around the late 1950s. With time, they grew popular and sparked the interest of German doll makers. Finding their way to the collection of Antique and Other Fine Dolls auction by Alderfer Auction is a vibrant curation of 445 items. …

    Alderfer Auction
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    September Fine Art & Antiques Day 2

    September Fine Art & Antiques Day 2 by Neue Auctions will present their finest finds for collectors at every level. An important collectible is a conventional needlework sampler displaying a pastoral scene with a shepherd by Catherine May. The needlework holds great historic value for the life of women in…

    Neue Auctions
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    August Gallery Auction

    The August Gallery Auction, offered by Leland Little, is primarily a collection of home and office décor. Among the fine antique pieces are three music boxes, one of which is a Regina Coin-Operated table top unit. Regina was an American producer who made these musical instruments. They were usually built…

    A Qing Dynasty Chinese Cloisonne Snuff Bottle
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    Maine & Beyond Day - 2

    As the first day wraps up with high spirits, the second day of Thomaston Place Auction starts with a flawless oil on canvas by John Stobart. An artist known for his love of on-site paintings. The painting sits right at the top of the charts of featured items with the…

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    Native American Jewelry Auction

    Native Americans have used art as a form of expression for thousands of years. They are known for their pottery, baskets, jewelry, beadwork, dolls, paintings. They drew their inspiration from their spirituality and from mother nature. From using rocks and clay to express themselves to using turquoise, silver, glass and…

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    Estate Auction

    The collectibles in Estate auction by Fairfield Auctions includes a variety of fine Asian, Americana, Native American art, books, baseball cards, art deco, and estate jewelry. The top-rated item is a 2011 Chevy Suburban car. The white SUV has been a popular choice among SUV’s and often seen as the…

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    Emporium Auctions

    Calendars are marked for Brunk Auctions' upcoming Emporium Auction. Reasons include Asian works of art and favorites like a young boy feeding a rooster who decorates a pair of Chinese rose cups, Kangxi the emperor marked six gilt black and cobalt blue Chinese vases, and beautiful Buddhist calligraphy on two…

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    Fine Western & American Art

    By the last quarter of the 19th century, the American era of cowboys and Indians and the open West was coming to a close. An artist, Frederic Remington lost much of his savings trying to be a cowboy in Kansas. But he still told tall tales of the frontier and…

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    Exceptional Day 2 Ethnographic Tribal Fossils

    Artemis Gallery offers Exceptional Day 2 of its Ethnographic Tribal Fossils auction. The collection includes a near-complete psittacosaurus dinosaur skeleton and an extremely rare theropod dinosaur egg nest with 25 eggs in it. Specific offerings include Pre-Columbian Maya and Chavin pottery, a Mapuche Stone Scepter with an anthropomorphic mask finial,…