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    Online Only Auction | February 21st

    Sculptor Martha Pettigrew's Too Many Cabbages...Too Few Melons is one of the highlighted lots in the upcoming Online Only Auction, offered by Altermann. Pettigrew counts Native women of the Southwestern United States among her artistic inspirations. Her pieces often depict women as gatherers, which can be seen in this piece:…

    Malcolm Furlow | Indians
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    Native American Art

    The Haidan people, who are native to an archipelago of present-day Canada, believe that whales help travelers return home. In Haidan lore, donning the skin of a killer whale can also grant a person access to the spirit world. A ceremonial Haidan whale bowl is available in the upcoming Native…

    Crow Beaded, Buckskin and Trade Cloth Rifle Scabbard
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    Modern and Contemporary Native American Art

    Cowan Auctions will feature modern and contemporary Native American artworks in their upcoming sale, along with various pieces of Asian art, antiques, collectibles, and decorative art. The auction will particularly highlight a bronze sculpture by Tammy Garcia. The American artist is best known for her classic designs and modern iconography.…

    Modesto Rivera Lemus (Huichol, 20th century) Yarn Paintings on Board, From the Collection of Robert B. Riley, Urbana, IL
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    Session 1 - New Year's Signature Estates Auction

    American painter and graphic artist Robert Rauschenberg’s paintings are shown in museums around the world. Mixed media paintings by the artist are vivid, abstract, and use different techniques to achieve various effects. Available on the first day of the upcoming New Year's Signature Estates Auction presented by Ahlers & Ogletree is…

    Dale Chihuly Philodendron Ikebana Glass Sculpture
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    Millea Bros. Select, Day 2

    Eduardo Chillida was a Spanish installation artist of the 20th century whose work explored the relationship between viewers and physical space. He personally described his work as “a rebellion against gravity.” One of his burlap-bound portfolios will be presented on the second day of the Millea Brothers’ “Select” auction. The…

    Baga A-Tshol Bird shrine headdress, ex. Klejman
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    American Indian Art: Timed Auction

    Edward S. Curtis devoted his life to documenting the experience of Native Americans across the West. Several photographs produced by Curtis are available in the American Indian Art timed auction, offered by Cowan's. Like Curtis' photographs, each of the auction's 273 lots offers a look into the lives of Native…

    Seminole Palmetto Dolls/Auctiondaily
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    American Indian & Ethnographic Art

    Plains Indians used catlinite claystone for pipes or ritual items because of their vibrant color. "It ranges in color from pale pink to brick or blood red," says Rocks and Minerals, "and normally has small lighter spots - referred to as 'stars' - scattered throughout." An example of a catlinite…

    Northwest Coast Button Blanket
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    Exceptional Day 2: Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art

    Headhunters on the Ifugao island preserved the skulls of the people they killed. This practice continued until Americans occupied the island during World War II. An example is available in the upcoming Exceptional Day 2: Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art auction, presented by Artemis Gallery. The human skull sits atop a…

    Artemis Gallery
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    Ancient | Asian | Ethnographic

    The ancient Egyptians respected the ibis (a species of bird) enough to mummify them. The Egyptians associated the birds with Thoth, the god of wisdom and writing. A mummified ibis is available in the upcoming Ancient, Asian, and Ethnographic auction presented by Artemis Gallery. Like the mummified bird, most of…

    Roman Bronze Protome - Youthful Mars w/ Plumed Helmet/ Auctiondaily
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    American Indian and Western Art

    Originally, tomahawks were stones fastened to wooden handles. It wasn’t until the Europeans introduced metalwork to the American Indians that tomahawks such as this one, available in the American Indian and Western Art auction presented by Cowan’s Auctions, were possible. Sadly, in the years ahead, American Indian tribes would often…

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    Tribal Art Online

    Indigenous artifacts are difficult to categorize, as they represent hundreds of different, independent cultures all over the world. However, they do share some common characteristics in their distance from post-colonialism and their influential relationships with their land—these are the common threads that Skinner gathers in the upcoming Tribal Art Online…