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    Works of Art Through the Ages

    The earliest Greco-Roman mosaics date back to the 5th century B.C. Elite Romans especially used mosaics to decorate their walls and vaults in a display of their wealth. Many early mosaics combined shells, colored glass, pumice, and other materials to depict mythological scenes and everyday life. Available in the upcoming…

    Published 19th C. Neoclassical Sardonyx Cameo Arethusa
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    Early Spring Fine Ancient & Ethnographic Art

    The Sican or Lambayeque culture existed in Peru before the coming of the Incas. Many Sican lords were patrons of vast workshops where precious objects were created. At death, the elites were buried with many of those items. Pieces made of gold and silver were reserved for royalty while copper…

    Roman Marble Cupid Holding Bird, Art Loss Certificate
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    Great Deals Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art

    Sets of gilded brooches were worn throughout the Viking world on women’s cloaks, pinned with a chain between them. An example of these matching brooches from Gotland, Sweden will be offered in the upcoming Great Deals Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery. The available set is made…

    Published Greek Glass Pendant - Ram's Head
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    Fall Premiere

    Susanin’s Fall Premiere Auction features 580 lots of fine and decorative arts, Asian art, Native American baskets, furniture and much more. Taking center stage in the auction is a collection of Tiffany Studios mosaic glass zodiac panels. These Marshall Field & Company Men’s Grill panels depict Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Cancer,…