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Tag: Modern Sculpture

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    Nature & Form

    For Alexandre Noll, there was little distinction between art and function. In the early to mid-20th century, he created a signature style that melded the two. Beginning as a sculptor for Paul Poiret’s French fashion house, Noll would eventually focus his interest on wood as his chosen medium. In creating…

    Alexandre Noll (1890-1970)
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    Modern Decorative Art + Design

    A ceramicist, painter, and sculptor, Guerrino Tramonti entered the Italian art scene during the 1940s. His work ranged from ceramic tiles and glazed terracotta disks to Modernist porcelain and paintings. When Tramonti tired of his Eastern-inspired pottery, he changed mediums and continued developing Italian Modernism in fine art. The upcoming…

    François-Xavier Lalanne (1927-2008)
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    Contemporary Glass featuring Dan Dailey: From the Barbara Tarleton Collection

    Single-artist profiles are truly unlike other auctions, giving the viewer an unparalleled glimpse into that artist’s development and individual career. A segment of Rago’s upcoming Contemporary Glass Auction features the work of Dan Dailey. It is a comprehensive profile of Dailey’s works collected by the artist’s mother.  One of his…