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  • Auction Preview

    Modern, Post War, and Contemporary Online Auction

    Marie Laurencin, a celebrity portrait artist, has created many surreal representations of women such as Coco Chanel in her signature painting style. In her piece titled Rose (1935), Laurencin captures a young girl in a dreamlike version of reality. Her color palette includes muted pinks, dove grays, and mint greens,…

    Marisol (Marisol Escobar) Venezuelan (1930-2016)
  • Auction Preview

    Abstracted: Post-War & Contemporary Art

    When Tadeusz Kantor, the noted playwright, began painting, the public mostly disregarded his efforts. "[N]o one knew whether he was to be seen as an important theatrical figure or as a visual artist," writes the art magazine Frieze. But nearly thirty years after his death, the upcoming Abstracted: Post-War &…

    Bruno Romeda - Carré
  • Auction Preview

    Modern, Post War & Contemporary Art

    This collection of Modern, Post War and Contemporary art is offered by Capsule Gallery and includes original works from the estate of Ines Bausili. Art on display is dramatic, and subjects often obscured or abstract, as in Pierre Alechinsky’s L’Orielle interne, where the figure represented may or may not be…

    Modern, Post War & Contemporary Art By Capsule Gallery