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    Deportes Unidos por México (Sports United by Mexico)

    Lucha libre or "free fight" gained popularity in Mexico as a diversion from political turmoil in the early 20th century. Over time, masks became closely associated with these fights and allowed famous luchadores such as El Santo to retain anonymity for much of their careers. Coming to auction as part…

    Club Pericos de Puebla. Pelota firmada por el primer roster. Con certificado.
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    Auction of Books by Explorers, Travelers, Maps, and Landscapes

    John Phillips was a British mining engineer whose work brought him to Mexico in 1840. As he traveled through the country, he discovered its landscape. Together with a young British lithographer named Alfred Rider, Phillips published Mexico Illustrated in Twenty-Six Drawings. The work kindled interest in distant lands among Europeans.…

    San Agustín, Gaspar de. Conquests of the Philippine Islands. Madrid- Printing of Manuel Ruiz de Murga, 1698
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    Auction of Books and Documents Pertaining to the Wars of Intervention in Mexico

    The upcoming Auction of Books and Documents Pertaining to the Wars of Intervention in Mexico will be offered by Morton Subastas. One example of the books on offer is The War Between the United States and Mexico: Illustrated, Embracing Pictorial Drawings of All the Principal Conflicts, by Carl Nebel. Though…

    Raousset-Boulbon, Gaston Raoulx - Lachapelle, Alfred de. L'Expédition de la Sonore. Paris, 1859. Sheet and folded map
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    Rare Books and Documents Dating to the Time of Porfirio Díaz and the Mexican Revolution

     will offer the upcoming Rare Books and Documents auction in late November. It will include the book and document collections of Denegre Vaught and Pérez de Salazar. Among the historical papers, a single-page pronouncement on the freedom to trade salted meat and tallow will be featured. It was signed by…

    Rare Books and Documents Dating to the Time of Porfirio Díaz and the Mexican Revolution
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    Auction of Books and Documents of History of Mexico

    The Auction of Books and Documents of History of Mexico by Morton Subastas is a collection of historical texts from the pre-Hispanic time to the First Republic. There are several that are gorgeously designed and illustrated, including a facsimile edition of Codex Laud, Paintings of Death and Destinations. The Borgia…

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    Subasta de Vino de Coleccion, Uso Diario y Destilados

    A symbol of cultural sophistication, a collection of fine wines and spirits tells of their owner’s appreciation for perfect occasions. Each bottle represents a point in time in which it was bottled in which that bottle will be opened and enjoyed. However, some bottles may require s great occasions opened, while some remain unopened and admired…

    Morton Subastas
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    Summer auction. Modern & Contemporary Art

    The Summer auction of Modern & Contemporary Art, offered by Morton Subastas, is a single-night auction consisting of paintings, drawings and sculptures from Mexico and Latin America. Among the most valuable pieces offered is a small, haunting work by Sergio Hernández, in which the ghostly figures seem to be spiriting…

    LILIA CARRILLO, Composición en ocres
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    High-End Timepieces, Rolex and High Jewelry Auction

    The High-End Timepieces, Rolex and High Jewelry auction, offered by Morton Subastas consists primarily of high end and fine watches. At the upper echelon of the fine pieces in this auction is the Corum TI-Bridge Tourbillon, a rose gold and diamond-encrusted timepiece that is expected to fetch well over a…

    Live High-End Timepieces, Rolex and High Jewelry, Morton Subastas
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    Subasta de Libros y Documentos de Intervenciones

    In 1847, American cartographer Henry Schenck Tanner sat down to update a map he previously made of Mexico. The relatively peaceful process of crafting a map is a hard juxtaposition to the wars being fought at that time for many of the territories his map outlined. This included Texas and…

    Subasta de Libros y Documentos de Intervenciones, Morton Subastas
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    Pre-Columbian | Tribal | Ethnographic

    The Asmat people of modern-day Indonesia took the job of respecting their dead seriously. The skull of an Asmat person is one of the most striking lots in the Pre-Columbian, Tribal, and Ethnographic auction presented by Artemis Gallery. The eyes and nose are not only covered in soil, sap, bright…

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    Latin American Art

    Not often does the world get to witness an array of art as eclectic as this. Far from the rosy cheeked, congenial subjects of most paintings are the subjects of this collection from the most celebrated Latin American artists. Visually, the works ignite emotions untapped. They captivate, awe and inspire,…

    Morton Subasta - Latin American Art Auction