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    Arms & Armor | Ancient - 20th Century

    Nephrite, a type of jade, occurred naturally in remote parts of the South Island, whence it was traded and exchanged throughout New Zealand, barter, and war. Due to its rarity and beauty, nephrite was used to make valued ornaments and working tools, such as adzes, chisels, and short clubs. Even…

    19th C. German Iron Sallet Helmet
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    Coins, Bank Notes & Postage Stamps

    St. Gaudens $20 gold coins are among the most sought-after American coins for their value and design. The $20 St. Gaudens coins were produced between 1907 and 1933. They were named after Augustus Saint-Gaudens, a celebrated American sculptor who was asked by President Theodore Roosevelt to beautify American coinage. The…

    Gold Medallion Foreign gold medallion dated 1776 obverse showing portrait of Josephuf.I.D.G with large crest on reverse
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    Made in Mexico

    Alberto Gironella was a Mexican painter known for his contributions to Surrealism. Gironella initially wanted to be a writer. However, after failing to land a publisher for his novel, he decided to try his hand at painting. As a self-taught artist, his art used a combination of Surrealist and Baroque…

    Arnold Belkin
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    Latin American Art Online

    Costa Rica-born Mexican artist Francisco Zúñiga was best known for his nude figural works. To give his sculptures a more realistic presentation, Zúñiga used southeastern Mexican women as his models, sculpting them standing or seated, singly, in pairs, or in groups. His sculptures capture the anatomy of young, mature, and…

    Peter Von Artens (1937-2003)
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    Antiquities | Pre-Columbian | Ethnographic

    The first Russian icons appeared in the 12th century. During the same period, the tradition of covering icons with metal barriers called oklads was also popularized. An oklad usually covers the entire icon except the face, hands, and feet. Typically, it is more than a decoration and a shield against…

    Egyptian Predynastic Naqada III Basalt Vessel
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    Latin American Art Auction

    As president of Mexico from 1861 to 1872, Benito Juárez repelled a foreign invasion from the Archduke of Austria and pursued democratic reforms. One of the highlighted lots in the upcoming Latin American Art Auction, presented by Morton Subastas, is a portrait of Juárez painted by David Alfaro Siqueiros. The…

    JOSÉ GARCÍA NAREZO, Muchacho sentado contemplando un grupo de caballos, Signed and dated 1981, Oil on canvas
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    America's Frontier | Ethnographic | Ancient

    Isis is the Egyptian goddess of childbirth, motherhood, and power, and she was equally famous among the polytheistic worshippers of the Roman Empire. During the early Imperial Period, her worship spread far and wide among the Romans. To honor the goddess, the emperor Caligula established a procession that wound through…

    18th C. New Mexican Leather Petaca - Traveling Trunk
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    Early Spring Mid 20th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts

    A key lot of the upcoming Furniture and Decorative Arts auction, presented by Ambianic Mid-Century Collectibles, is a rosewood desk designed by Frank Kyle. Originally from Minneapolis, Kyle opened a furniture gallery in Mexico City during the 1950s. There, he collaborated with the foundry of Pepe Mendoza to create the…

    Modernist Bronze Sculpture Sumerian God with Snake and Cup
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    Online Discovery Auction

    New Haven Auctions presents items from both established and rising artists in the upcoming Online Discovery Auction. The sale also offers silver, jewelry, Asian works of art, and ethnographic art. One featured lot is a set of 11 painted folk art gameboards, each with varying designs and game formations. This…

    Pair of Porcelain or Enamel on Copper Artworks-signed
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    Collection and Backal Library Includes Documents and Old Books of Mexican and Univers

    Books and manuscripts will be featured in the upcoming Auction of the Backal Collection and Library, presented by Morton Subastas. Featured in the sale is a copy of Monumentos del Arte Mexicano Antiguo Volume I and II (circa 1889). This edition is illustrated with original art. Another key lot contains messages…

    LM - Peñafiel, Antonio. Monuments of Ancient Mexican Art. Ornamentation, Mythology, Tributes and Monuments. Mexico
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    Gallery Auction

    A little-known fact about classic cuckoo clocks is their lengthy history, dating back to the first century B.C.  These automaton clocks have experienced massive changes over the years, particularly when the Chinese merged their intricate craftsmanship with the existing technology. These clocks and many other decorative and fine art items…

    Wedgwood Black Basalt Classical Vase/AuctionDaily
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    Auction of Books and Documents of History of Mexico

    The Auction of Books and Documents of History of Mexico by Morton Subastas is a collection of historical texts from the pre-Hispanic time to the First Republic. There are several that are gorgeously designed and illustrated, including a facsimile edition of Codex Laud, Paintings of Death and Destinations. The Borgia…

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    The Great Perez de Salazar Collection | Antiques Auction.

    Born to an influential Mexican family, Francisco Pérez de Salazar aspired to create one of the country’s finest and most extensive art collections. Over the course of his life, he succeeded. He built The Great Perez de Salazar Collection, which will soon cross Morton Subastas’ auction block. Exceptional paintings, sculptures,…

    The Great Perez de Salazar Collection | Antiques Auction.