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    Pub, Whiskey and Memorabilia Auction

    The Pub, Whiskey, and Memorabilia Auction, presented by Whitley's Auctioneers, examines life in the 19th and 20th centuries across the globe. Among the highlighted lots is film stock from World War II. While the film was not inspected by Whitley's before reaching auction, writing on the canister implies it may…

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    Icons And Idols Hollywood

    The upcoming ‘Icons & Idols: Hollywood’ auction by Julien's Auction offers over 400 items taken out of the production archives and vault of Hollywood films, including Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Superman, and Gone with the Wind. Highlights of the sale include Sir Ian Holm’s tobacco pipe from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship…

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    Historically Significant Railroadiana

    In the 1930s and '40s, the Santa Fe Scout provided train routes between Los Angeles and Chicago. It was designed with the budget-conscious traveler in mind. Available in the upcoming Historically Significant Railroadiana auction, presented by Dirk Soulis Auctions, is a porcelain sign for the Santa Fe Scout. The auction's…

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    TCM Presents ... 1939

    From The Wizard of Oz to Gone with the Wind, 1939 was a notable year in cinematic history. The upcoming TCM Presents...1939 auction, presented by Bonhams, offers film memorabilia related to that year’s productions. Some lots, such as a pair of gloves worn by Kermit Eller in his portrayal of…

    A Leslie Howard custom-bound final shooting script of Gone With the Wind, gifted to him by David O. Selznick
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    Music & Entertainment Signature Internet Auction

    The upcoming Music & Entertainment Signature Internet auction by Heritage Auctions features 100 lots. The Entertainment session showcases memorabilia, autographs, recordings, and posters, among others.  One of the highlights of the auction includes four Beatles-themed plastic miniature guitars on backing cards. Each guitar features a Beatle on the front with…

    Annette Funicello Group of Four Sealed LPs (Vista, 1962-65)
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    Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction

    The Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, offered by Heritage Auctions, is anchored by a large collection of comics, including over 1,000 published between 1938 and 1959. Included in this sale is an early edition of Marvel Comics #1 from a Windy City provenance. This piece was first introduced to…

    Amanda Conner Harley Loves Joker
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    Gentleman's Library Auction

    George Lucas was not happy with the original movie poster for Star Wars (1977) and commissioned the Hildebrandt brothers to make improvements.  “I asked [the agent] if they knew what it was about,” remembers Greg Hildebrandt, “and they said, ‘It’s some kind of science-fiction movie.” That poster, produced the year…

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    Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction – Dallas #7211

    The Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, offered by Heritage Auctions, contains a collection of highly sought-after items from the world of comics, including Captain America Comics. Distributor markings as well as the “Tom Reilly” stamp in the middle of the back cover identify this as one of the highest-ranking…

    Captain America Comics #1 San Francisco Pedigree/ctionDaily
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    Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction

    A Tupac Shakur ID with a color photo signed by the hip-hop star above the “Inmate Signature” line is one of the more unusual and heavily followed items in the Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature Auction from Heritage Auctions. The starting bid for Tupac Shakur’s 1995 prison ID is $15000.…

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    The Armstrong Family Collection III Space Exploration Signature Auction

    Own a piece of history with the third installment of the Armstrong Family Collection by Heritage Auctions.  On July 20, 1969, America had achieved what was previously unimaginable: a man had walked on the moon.  Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission’s monumental achievement has become synonymous with American pride…