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  • Auction Preview

    Joseon Porcelain and Huang Junbi Ink Painting Available With Brunk Auctions

    White Korean porcelain from the Joseon dynasty first emerged during the 15th century. These wares were particularly valued for their cobalt blue designs, which soon went out of production due to the rising costs of cobalt. The upcoming Brunk Auctions event presents a Korean underglaze blue porcelain vase from this…

    River landscape by Huang Junbi.
  • Auction Preview

    Chinese Meiping and Yuhuchunping Vases Featured in Asian Arts Sale

    Mirroring the curves of the human body, Chinese meiping vases usually included a thin neck juxtaposed against a rounded shoulder. Traditionally, the vessels carried plum tree blossoms. Highlighted in Freeman’s upcoming Asian Arts sale is a meiping produced sometime during the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor (1722 - 1735). The…

    A Chinese carved and underglaze red "Dragons and Waves" vase, Meiping Yongzheng six-character mark and of the period