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    Morton Weekly

    Guatemalan artist Carlos Mérida was one of Latin America's pioneer Modernists. Mérida was one of the first artists to fuse Modern European paintings to Latin American themes, especially those related to Guatemala and Mexico. In his career spanning nearly seven decades, Mérida adopted three major painting styles: figurative, Surrealist, and…

    Lote de esculturas. Siglo XX. Estilo africano. Tallas en madera laqueada y esgrafiada sobre bases. Piezas 2
  • Auction Preview

    Exceptional Day 2 Ethnographic Tribal Fossils

    Artemis Gallery offers Exceptional Day 2 of its Ethnographic Tribal Fossils auction. The collection includes a near-complete psittacosaurus dinosaur skeleton and an extremely rare theropod dinosaur egg nest with 25 eggs in it. Specific offerings include Pre-Columbian Maya and Chavin pottery, a Mapuche Stone Scepter with an anthropomorphic mask finial,…