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    Early Spring Fine Ancient & Ethnographic Art

    The Sican or Lambayeque culture existed in Peru before the coming of the Incas. Many Sican lords were patrons of vast workshops where precious objects were created. At death, the elites were buried with many of those items. Pieces made of gold and silver were reserved for royalty while copper…

    Roman Marble Cupid Holding Bird, Art Loss Certificate
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    Masks, Marvels, and Mysteries

    Whitley’s Auctioneers will offer the upcoming Masks, Marvels, and Mysteries auction at the end of January. In this sale, a selection of Japanese Meiji period vases, okimonos, and carved statues will be available. The Meiji era occurred between 1868 and 1912. Emperor Meiji (Mutsuhito) was known for his efforts to…

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    Sub-Saharan African Tribal Art

    The Sub-Saharan African Tribal Art auction, presented by Discover African Art, offers ethnographic lots such as drums, plaques, and masks from across the region. Among the most notable lots are two guere masks. The people of modern-day Liberia and the Ivory Coast purposefully made the guere masks look intimidating. This…

    Fang Ngongtang 4-Faced Helmet Mask 10.5"
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    African, Oceanic, and Southeast Asian Art

    Over 100 pieces from the private collection of John B. Elliott will be available in the upcoming African, Oceanic, and Southeast Asian Art auction, offered by Stair. The auction's lots are primarily ethnographic pieces from across the African continent. Modern-day Burkina Faso (West Africa) and Cameroon, in particular, are well…

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