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  • Auction Preview

    Winter Magic Auction

    The Winter Magic Auction, offered by Potter & Potter Auctions, is anchored by antique magic and allied arts books from the collection of Giovanni Pasqua (stage name “Roxy”). One available book is Le Livre Magique (1863), which is an example of a magician’s “blow book.” The contents of the book…

    Bosco, B. Il Nouvo Bosco, ossia il Diavolo color di Rosa.
  • Auction Preview

    Summer Magic Auction

    The Summer Magic Auction by Potter & Potter Auctions is a delightfully diverse collection of magic ephemera, antiques, and other collectible items. For magicians and their acts, there is a three-color window card produced for Houdini’s final tour, among the many posters and promotional materials. Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-born,…