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  • Auction Preview

    American Art Pottery

    Adelaide Robineau was an American ceramicist popular in the early 20th century. Robineau initially learned her craft from the American Impressionist artist William Merritt Chase. She learned to make high fire porcelain after spending just a few weeks in pottery school and reading various Sévres porcelain articles. The upcoming auction,…

    George E. Ohr, Large coupe
  • Auction Preview


    Wright presents Design, a highly vetted sale featuring work by some of the most influential designers, artists, and architects of the 20th -century. Collectors can bid on rare dining set by Kem Weber for the Grand Rapids Chair Company. The lacquered wood and upholstered dining set (circa 1928) describes Weber’s…

    George Nakashima Cushion armchairs, pair and ottoman/auctiondaily