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    Collector's Auction

    Active in the late 1890s, William Moorcroft was an English potter associated with the Art Nouveau style. Moorcroft pioneered a new Florian Ware design, hand-decorated and outlined in trailed slip using a technique known as tube lining. Throughout his career, Moorcroft centered his work on Florian Ware, which won him…

    William Moorcroft Art Nouveau Flambe Vase, Claremont
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    The Collector's Auction

    In 1953, three brothers started producing ceramic sculptures at their home in the village of Almàssera. After a few years, they opened their first shop in Valencia and named it Lladró. They eventually pioneered the single-firing method, which also became a hallmark of the brand. It can be characterized by…

    Herend Figurine, Girl In Folk Dress 5423
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    August No Reserve

    In 1933, Disney released “Three Little Pigs”, a short-animated film. At the time, it was Disney’s crowning achievement. The company would, of course, find more than a little success later with an animated mouse. One of the lots in the upcoming August No Reserve auction, offered by Whitley’s, commemorates the…

    Whitley's Auctioneers