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  • Auction Preview

    Summer 19th & 20th Century Glass

    Likewise, day two of the auction is curation of wonderous decorative arts for any collector’s assimilation. Item such as Victorian spangled and cased glass water pitcher has enriched the auction’s value. With the estimation of $1000, an item like Luciano Gasperi’s Fascia Murrine glass vase from 19th century steals attention.…

    Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates,Summer 19th & 20th Century Glass
  • Auction Preview

    Summer 19th & 20th Century Lighting

    Summer 19th and 20th Century Glass & Lighting by Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates is a two-day auction defined by its ageless pieces, and the legacy each item withholds. The 19th and 20th century lightings mark the first day of the auction. Messenger and Sons attributed bronze and brass pair…

    Bidding Open Absentee Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates