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  • Auction Preview

    California Asian Art Auction

    In the early 18th century, snuff bottles were produced specifically for the emperors of China. These miniature pieces, measuring three and a half inches high, demonstrate the craftsmanship of the Qing dynasty. A complete set of twelve snuff bottles will be available in the upcoming California Asian Art Auction, presented…

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    Just In: Judy Chicago sculpture

    Cited as one the most important figures in the genesis of feminist art, Judy Chicago has built a complex body of work that examines the gendering of both artistic and physical spaces. Spotlighting her vast contribution to the cultural elevation of female narratives however must not eclipse recognition of Chicago‚Äôs…

  • Auction Preview

    Fine & Decorative Asian Art Signature Auction -New York 5443 Day-2

    As the first day of the auction wraps up with fervor, the second day brings out an atmosphere similar to that of Qing Dynasty. An assimilation of items from that era, such as Chinese canton enameled copper tray and a Tibetan painted wood chest from 18th - 19th century, is…

    Heritage Auction