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  • Auction Preview

    Antique Canes

    The Antique Canes auction, presented by Kimball Sterling, offers a collection of folk, Art Nouveau, dress, and porcelain canes from the 17th century to the present. Introduced in the 16th and 17th centuries by English and French aristocrats, walking canes often served as symbols of power, wealth, and social stature…

    Lalique Ladie's Dress cane
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    Antique Cane Auction

    Walking sticks came into fashion during the 16th and 17th centuries, after English and French aristocrats introduced them to society. By the 18th century, canes had become an important status symbol among noble gentlemen. Eventually, every gentleman in London was required to procure a license for carrying a walking stick.…

    18k and Lapis Dress Cane
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    David Berry Estate

    General Motors introduced LaSalle, the American luxury automobile brand, as a “companion” marque in an era when automobile companies usually built only one model every year. General Motors' CEO at the time, Alfred P. Sloan, created the brand to bridge the pricing gaps in the company’s product portfolio. Manufactured and marketed…

    1935 La Salle
  • Auction Preview

    Antique Canes December

    The Antique Cane Auction from Kimball Sterling showcases a collection of dress, folk, and porcelain canes from around the world. Featured in this timed auction is a 19th-century cane by Michael Cribbins. The patinated cane is carved with images of folk art, along with symbols such as a cross, foot, cloverleaf,…

    Antique Canes December Kimball Sterling
  • Auction Preview

    Ted and Ann Oliver Outsider/ Folk Art Collection

    The Ted and Ann Oliver Outsider and Folk Art auction, offered by Kimball Sterling, presents fine and decorative art with non-traditional elements. Two pieces by Carlton Garrett are highlighted in this auction, Couple on Bench and Couple Dancing. Both lots juxtapose an everyday activity with the couples' lifeless stares and…

    Outsider Art, Richard Burnside, African King and Crucifixions
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    Antique and Collectible Gun, Sword, Folk Art & Dress Canes

    Dress canes have become a symbol of power, strength, and social prestige. Though canes were first used in ancient times as weapons, they now are used for the opera, theatre, or another black-tie events. In contrast, a gun cane is a walking cane with a firearm built into it. These…

    German Rifle Gun Cane
  • Auction Preview

    Antique Cane Auction

    The Antique Cane Auction from Kimball Sterling is primarily a collection of late-19th and early-20th-century canes from around the world. The item with the highest estimated value is a 19th-century cane engraved with notable accomplishments of American president Thomas Jefferson. It was carved by Thomas Jefferson Craddock who, despite having…

    PR-219 Antique Cane Auction by Kimball Sterling