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  • Auction Preview

    Upcoming Chinese and Japanese Art Sale Offers Jades, Lacquerwork, Katanas

    Bonhams’ upcoming sale of Chinese and Japanese art will highlight a Japanese suzuri-bako and matching bunko box made in the style of Ogata Kōrin. Known for his paintings on ceramics, Kōrin was a lacquerer of the Rinpa school. Dating back to the 18th C Edo period, these pieces were inspired…

    STYLE OF OGATA KORIN (1658-1716)
  • Auction Preview

    Arms & Armor

    A selection of Japanese arms and armor is featured in the upcoming sale, presented by Cowan’s Auctions. One of the swords on offer is a katana sword from feudal Japan. A symbol of the Japanese samurai tradition, katana blades served as samurai weapons in the late 13th century. Since then,…

    Scarce WWII USAAF AN-H-16 Winter Flying Helmet with A-8-B Mask and Goggles
  • Auction Preview

    ManCave Auction

    The upcoming ManCave Auction, offered by Lewis & Maese Antiques Auction, includes more than 150 guns and firearms, along with a selection of antique furniture, fine art, and jewelry. Among the available items is a pair of Rosenut Nautilus 803 floor speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. The company, founded by…