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    Discover Rago's November 8 + 9 Art Auction

    Rago’s November 8 + 9 Fine Art Auctions present nearly 650 lots of paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and works on paper by artists including Willem de Kooning, Jean Michel Atlan, Francisco Zúñiga, John Sennhauser, George William Sotter and more. Below, we take a closer look at a selection of work…

    Discover Rago's November 8 + 9 Art Auction
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    Post War and Contemporary Art Auction

    “Grand Hotel-Hotel Taglioni” is an art in a white wooden box by an American collagist,  Joseph Cornell. Joseph Cornell was an artist who elevated a box to an art form. His works were based on everyday experiences, or in his words "the beauty of the commonplace." With the use of…

    Jean Michel Atlan (French, 1913-1960)/Auctiondaily