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  • Auction Preview

    Modern Works in Glass, Steel, Wood, and More Available From Rago

    It would be difficult to speak of the state of modern art glass without at least mentioning Dale Chihuly. The artist cofounded the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State, from which many renowned glass artists have been launched. Chihuly has been the recipient of 12 honorary doctorates, his work can…

    Dale Chihuly Persian Ceiling Installation
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Estate Auction Presents: July Estate Auction

    Kangxi, the fourth emperor of China‚Äôs Qing dynasty, was one of the longest-reigning and most powerful Chinese emperors in history. A significant achievement in the porcelain from the Kangxi period is the mastery of underglaze copper red pigments. Among the earliest pieces successfully fired in the era were porcelains painted…

    Japanese Inlaid Iron Miniature Vase, By Komai Workshop of Kyoto