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  • Auction Preview

    Upcoming Chinese and Japanese Art Sale Offers Jades, Lacquerwork, Katanas

    Bonhams’ upcoming sale of Chinese and Japanese art will highlight a Japanese suzuri-bako and matching bunko box made in the style of Ogata Kōrin. Known for his paintings on ceramics, Kōrin was a lacquerer of the Rinpa school. Dating back to the 18th C Edo period, these pieces were inspired…

    STYLE OF OGATA KORIN (1658-1716)
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    Samurai Armor and Korean Porcelain to Highlight Bonhams Auction

    The simplicity of white porcelain caught the eye of Korea’s aristocracy and upper class in the 15th century. Demand became so high for the porcelain that makers eventually sprouted up across the peninsula. Several examples of these pieces are available in the upcoming Fine Japanese and Korean Art auction, presented…

    KAWASE HASUI (1883-1957)
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    Los Angeles Collection | No Reserve

    The Kangxi emperor was among the most prominent Chinese emperors of the Manchu Qing dynasty. The imperial kilns at Jingdezhen, overlooked for almost 60 years, were reopened during his reign. With the help of Jesuit missionaries, the emperor introduced new technologies to manufacture commercial and imperial porcelain. Kangxi-period porcelain especially…

    Chinese Doucai Porcelain Vase
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    Contemporary, Outdoor, Collectable, Asian, and Decorative Auction

    Highlighted in the upcoming Nadeau's Auction Gallery event is a set of wood engravings and drawings by Thomas Nason. A self-taught printmaker, Nason was also known as the Poet Engraver of New England for his love of capturing rural areas in both etchings and prose. The set of five wood…

    Chinese blue and white porcelain planter
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    Asian Works of Art

    Korean astronomer Jang Yeong-sil was a Chief Engineer in the court of Korea’s King Sejong the Great. Belonging to humble origins, Jang became one of the most prominent Korean academics of his time. The Korean sundial, or Angbu-ilgu, was among his notable inventions. Meaning “pot-shaped sun clock staring at the…

    Blue and White Water Coupe
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    Online June Auction

    Frank Helsley, the founder of Republic Guitars, was a teenager when he first heard Johnny Winter playing a resonator. Helsley became obsessed with music and guitars after that. Failing to find affordable options, Helsley founded his own guitar company. In 2009, he designed a travel-sized guitar, the Highway 61, which…

    Ron Ray 18k Gold and Blue Topaz Owl Ring
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    Fine Art, Furniture and Decorative Art

    In this Fine Art, Furniture, and Decorative Art auction, offered by Gray’s Auctioneers, a Persian Tabriz silk rug will be featured. Tabriz rugs come from the famous carpet making center of Iran. These carpets reached their height during the 12th through the 16th centuries. Highlighted is a more contemporary Kashmir…

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    Fine Art, Antiques & Collectibles

    In 1837, Clichy became the second French manufacturer of glass paperweights. The company used boracic glass, which made their paperweights lighter than those of their main competitor, Baccarat. Among the highlighted lots in the upcoming Fine Arts, Antiques, & Collectibles auction, presented by Kodner Galleries, is a Clichy paperweight. The…

    Baccarat Millifiori Paperweight
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    Indian and Southeast Asian Art & Fine Estate

    Miniature paintings were popularized in India around the year 750, reaching their zenith during the Mughal Empire. During the reign of Akbar, Indian miniature paintings combined elements of Persian art to create a new style. The colors used in these paintings were often derived from various natural materials, including indigo,…

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    The Winter Antiques Sale – Live Auction

    Pottery dogs were often used as funerary objects during China’s Han dynasty period. Archaeologists discovered that pottery dogs were buried alongside their owner’s tombs in Nanyang. Many people believed dogs were able to protect them from evil and help them enjoy a peaceful afterlife. The first day of the upcoming…

    The Winter Antiques Sale – Live Auction (1)
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    Home and Interiors Auction

    Whitley's Auctioneers will present the upcoming Home and Interiors Auction on February 13, set to feature a Manuel Carbonell sculpture, Japanese WWII binoculars, and a Maksymilian Novak-Zemplinski oil painting. As a contemporary and modern artist, Manuel Carbonell is known as one of the most influential Cuban sculptors of his generation.…

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    The Gentlemans Library

    For a species as young as Homo sapiens, every piece of fossil is a gift from the great history of our planet. Even so, this 145 million-year-old Xiphactinus might just be one of the most extraordinary fossils to be auctioned at The Gentleman's Library by Whitley's Auctioneers. The matrix became…

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    Asian Works of Art Online Only

    Featuring a wide variety of Asian artifacts,  will present the upcoming Asian Works of Art Online Only Auction. Collectors can browse a variety of paintings from historically prominent Chinese artists, as well as many ceramics, sculptures, and decorative art pieces. One lot showcasing ink and color on paper, Fifteen Luohan…

    A Chinese Blue and White Gourd-Form Porcelain Vase Height 7 7/8 in., 45 cm.
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    Design Signature Auction

    Design Signature Auction by Heritage Auction kicks off with a cherished item from the DeWitt & Lila Acheson Wallace Garden at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. The item is a garden bench that defies the norms and has a very unique design and structure. Such an unprecedented piece is sure to…

    Design Signature Auction
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    Estates & Collections

    It’s a rare occasion when varieties of collectibles from prominent estates are part of a single auction. The upcoming Estates & Collections auction is one such auction put forth by Charlton Hall. The two-day auction will feature art, furniture and home décor from prominent estates and collections from California, Florida,…

    Estates & Collections/Auctiondaily
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    The Nippon Collection of Valerie Herts

    The Nippon Collection of Valerie Herts Auction presents a vivid range of antique and vintage porcelain collectibles by Eldred's Auction. The remarkable auction has an extensive and well-selected variety of Nippon porcelain collection by Nippon collector, Valerie Herts. A pair of Moriage Nippon porcelain vases in trumpet form is the…

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    Fine Art & Antiques Session II

     Simpsons Galleries presents a well-selected assemblage of art, decorative arts, 20th - century design, jewelry, and collectibles in their upcoming  The second day of the auction will host antique textiles, art, furniture, and important maps, providing a rare opportunity for all the collectors to acquire the first revised version of…

    Simpsons Galleries
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    Fine Art and Asian Art

    In 1914, an artist named G. T. Brown finished a painting of his deceased friend, Edward Espey, which Espey had left unfinished. The painting is a calming scene of a man on a horse passing through the Grand Canyon. Nearly half a century later, the first issue of The Amazing…

    Revere Auctions
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    Fine Jewelry, Luxury Accessories, Sterling Silver, Coins & Currency

    Fine Jewelry, Luxury Accessories, Sterling Silver, Coins & Currency by Alex Cooper Auctioneers presents a dazzling display of collectibles in its upcoming auction. The highlight of the auction is a beautiful 31.21ct, yellow & white diamond bracelet. The triple row white diamonds set in pave halos surrounding main yellow diamonds…

    Alex Cooper Auctioneers
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    Japanese Prints

    “To buy art, you really buy the energy of [the piece],” says Japanese-American artist Mayumi Oda. “I feel I have a very strong responsibility to make people exuberant, happy, [and] healthy.” Oda’s prints, including several available in the upcoming Japanese Prints Auction offered by Skinner, aim to empower women and…

    Japanese Prints/AuctionDaily