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  • Auction Preview

    Art Of Asia - Antiquity To Present Day

    Historically, the Batak tribe of modern-day Indonesia believed a shaman could harness both white and black magic. Each shaman would craft a staff to channel their abilities. One such staff from the Batak people is highlighted in the upcoming Art of Asia auction, presented by Artemis Gallery. Human and animal…

    Early 20th C. China Miao Silvered Copper Necklace
  • Auction Preview

    African, Oceanic, and Southeast Asian Art

    Over 100 pieces from the private collection of John B. Elliott will be available in the upcoming African, Oceanic, and Southeast Asian Art auction, offered by Stair. The auction's lots are primarily ethnographic pieces from across the African continent. Modern-day Burkina Faso (West Africa) and Cameroon, in particular, are well…

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