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    Upcoming Chinese and Japanese Art Sale Offers Jades, Lacquerwork, Katanas

    Bonhams’ upcoming sale of Chinese and Japanese art will highlight a Japanese suzuri-bako and matching bunko box made in the style of Ogata Kōrin. Known for his paintings on ceramics, Kōrin was a lacquerer of the Rinpa school. Dating back to the 18th C Edo period, these pieces were inspired…

    STYLE OF OGATA KORIN (1658-1716)
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    Chinese Snuff Bottles

    Conceived as containers for ground tobacco, snuff bottles were first produced for the emperor and the court in China in the early 18th century. Eventually, these bottles appeared as a status symbol manufactured in a much greater volume for the public. The upcoming Chinese Snuff Bottles auction, offered by Oakridge…

    Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle, 19th Century
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    May Asian Sale

    Cloisonné is mainly used to decorate metal objects or ceramics. The technique involves applying colored enamels to different materials, which are then fired to bring out the design. It likely originated in ancient Egypt or the Byzantine Empire. It later spread to China, where it was applied to bronze and…

    porcelain cover jar
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    Asian Art & Antiques - Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Snuff Bottles

    Chinese artist Zhang Daqian is best known for his splashed-ink landscapes and lotus paintings. Zhang’s works were influenced by individualistic masters such as Shitao and Bada Shanren. The upcoming Asian Art & Antiques - Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Snuff Bottles sale, presented by Oakridge Auction Gallery, highlights two paintings by Zhang.…

    Lotus Painting by Zhang Daqian Given to Qiangli
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    Asian Art & Antiques - Ceramics and Works of Art

    Blue-colored ceramics gained significance in China during the Tang dynasty. The blue-glazed porcelain pieces got their distinctive color from cobalt, imported from Persia. At the time, cobalt was scarce and only used in limited quantities. Blue and white pottery and porcelain gained broader recognition during the Qing dynasty. A pair…

    Chinese Flambe Vase, 18th Century
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    March Asian & Fine Jewelry Sale

    When Europe first encountered tea, it was considered a rare and valuable commodity. Tea containers were kept in living rooms, under the watch of house mistresses. These containers were, therefore, decorated in a way to suit the style of the room. Early examples of "tea caddies" were made of porcelain.…

    Chinese tea caddy, possibly 19th c.
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    Chinese Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Florence and Herbert Irving Gift

    In March 2015, renowned philanthropists Florence and Herbert Irving donated their vast collection of Asian works of art to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In the years since, the museum has carefully sorted and chosen 300 lots from their prized Irving collection to sell, with the…

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    Fine Jewelry and Watches

    Barry Kieselstein-Cord’s jewelry designs made their first appearance in 1973. The American craftsman’s designs were an immediate hit. Working in matte-finished metals, he often creates whimsical sun, moon, and animal compositions. Some of his designs can be found in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Metropolitan Museum of…

    Fine Jewelry and Watches
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    Fine Art and Asian Art

    In 1914, an artist named G. T. Brown finished a painting of his deceased friend, Edward Espey, which Espey had left unfinished. The painting is a calming scene of a man on a horse passing through the Grand Canyon. Nearly half a century later, the first issue of The Amazing…

    Revere Auctions
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    Washington Fall Asian Week Antique & Jewelry #74

    The upcoming Washington Fall Asian Week Antique & Jewelry #74 sale by Capitoline Auction Gallery features several important estate finds includes collections from former diplomats and statesmen.  The presence of Imperial famille-rose(rose family) porcelain or wares help to distinguish the auction as an important sale of Chinese decorative art.   Famille-rose…

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    Junkunc- Arts of Ancient China II

    Famed collector Stephen Junkunc III spent his years assembling one of the most impressive collections of Asian works of art. Sotheby’s was privileged with offering items from Junkunc’s collection in their March 2019 auction, Arts of Ancient China. In celebration of Asia Week, Sotheby’s once again offers rare and exceptional…

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    Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art

    For the New York City art community, September 6 – 14 is an exciting week featuring works of art from all over Asia. In correlation with the 2019 September Asian Week, Gianguan Auctions offers their 17th annual fall sale in which they showcase the beauty of Chinese craftsmanship through the…

    Gianguan Auctions
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    Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles

    Smoking tobacco in Qing Dynasty China was strictly prohibited. But snuff, or powdered tobacco, was allowed because the Chinese viewed it as a legitimate treatment for colds, stomach issues, and other ailments. The Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles auction, offered by Bonhams, presents 158 examples of the elaborate snuff bottles used…

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    Fine Asian Art and Antiques – Snuff Bottles

    Chinese snuff bottles have fascinated collectors for many years. Originally designed to import ground tobacco to China in the 18th century, these smalls bottles became their own artistic medium as their designers carved, shaped, painted and etched them into completely unique items. Oakridge Auction Gallery offers a collection of Chinese…

    Oakridge Auction Gallery
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    Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art

    A Large Diquis Gold Pendant c. 700-1400 AD, a magnificent Nazca Cushma c. 200-500 AD, and a rare Olmec Mask c. 300-500 BC headlines a trove of Pre-Columbian art featured in Heritage Auctions’ Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Auction June 25 in Dallas, Texas. The auction also includes…

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    Discovery - Interiors Online

    The Discovery Interiors Online auction by Skinner offers 866 lots with a variety of furniture and decor. Bids start at $10 and go up to $2,000. Both decorative and fine arts, as well as furniture and collectibles are represented in this auction. Among the most noteworthy are, a pair of…

    PR-239 Discovery – Interiors online by Skinners
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    June Toronto Asian Art Week Auction

    This auction offered by Stunning Arts Gallery and Auction features 289 lots of Chinese Art including paintings, jade carvings, porcelain, furniture, jewelry, and Buddhist sculptures. Of note are items from the Estate of the late Harry Geoffrey Beasley; and Sear Hang Hwie Pao, one of Canada's leading dealers of Chinese…

    PR-223 JUNE TORONTO ASIAN ART WEEK AUCTION by Stunning Arts Gallery and Auction Inc
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    Jewelry and Timepieces: Discovery Auction

    The upcoming Jewelry and Timepieces: Discovery Auction by Cowan’s Auctions features high quality items that range from antique to contemporary. Each timepiece has been chosen for its craftsmanship, and highlights include a 1940’s gold wristwatch by Patek Phillipe, a rose gold watch by Longines, and a handsome sterling silver WWI…

    PR-210 Jewelry and Timepieces Discovery Auction by Cowans Auctions