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  • Auction Preview

    Antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan Leads Upcoming Vintage Rugs Sale

    Leading the Fantastic Collection of Vintage and Antique Rugs & Fine Art Auction, presented by Fine Rugs of Chevy Chase, is an antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan. This type of rug is known for non-traditional designs and unique color palettes. The artisans’ designs often take inspiration from the Royal Garden of…

    Antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan
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    Nazmiyal’s Cairene & Antique Carpets Collection

    During the Mamlūk dynasty, Egypt’s economy and culture were at a high point. Cairene carpets were made during this period. Complex star shapes, octagons, or polygons were the central motifs of Cairene carpets. A few of them, still intact today, are displayed in places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.…

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    Indian, Himalayan, Southeast Asian Works Of Art

    Avalokiteśvara is a bodhisattva (a being committed to attaining Buddhahood) who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. One of the noteworthy lots at the upcoming Indian, Himalayan, Southeast Asian Works of Art auction, presented by Sotheby’s, is a gilt copper figure of Avalokiteśvara from 9th or 10th-century Nepal. The bodhisattva…

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    Coins & Currency

    In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, U.S. one-cent coins were often in high demand. During the Civil War, they were hoarded for their nickel, and by the 1900s, coin-operated machines boosted the coin’s need. The one exception to this rise, though, came in 1877, when a poor economy…

    1874 $3 Gold Coin
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    Asian Works of Art

    Photographer Hedda Morrison’s interest in photography started when she was gifted her first camera, a Box Brownie, at the age of 11. In later years, she would become known for capturing the city of Beijing and the lives of its people in the 1930s and 40s. A key lot in…

    Chinese Green Glazed Porcelain Bowl
  • Auction Preview

    Ancient Artifacts, Coins, & Islamic Art Sale

    In ancient Rome, images of both mortal and divine children were common. Children appear on Roman tomb monuments, imperial state art, and furnishings of the home. Parents would commission portraits and statues of their deceased children as a remembrance. One of the highlighted lots in the upcoming Ancient Artifacts, Coins,…

    Large Ancient Roman North Africa Red Clay Bowl c.2nd century AD.
  • Auction Preview

    April Evening Sale

    Rockport painter Kenneth J. Knowles is known for his Impressionist landscape paintings. Knowles learned his craft under the guidance of master artists Stapleton Kearns, John Terelak, and T.M. Nicholas. The upcoming April Evening Sale, presented by Eldred's, features an oil on masonite work titled A Woman in Her Garden by…

  • Auction Preview

    Spectacular Art, Antiques and Collectibles Auction

    Stanley Quentin Johnson was an American artist best known for his sculptures. On the second day of Jackson’s International’s upcoming Spectacular Spring Collector’s Choice Auction, one of Johnson’s bronze sculptures is showcased. This 1983 piece represents a kneeling Native American with a large eagle landing on his outstretched, leather-wrapped arm.…

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    Indian and Southeast Asian Art & Fine Estate

    Miniature paintings were popularized in India around the year 750, reaching their zenith during the Mughal Empire. During the reign of Akbar, Indian miniature paintings combined elements of Persian art to create a new style. The colors used in these paintings were often derived from various natural materials, including indigo,…

  • Auction Preview

    New York City Estate Auction

    Pala was an important dynasty that ruled eastern India, where religious and spiritual awareness was prominent during the 8th - 12th centuries. During the Pala reign, art flourished as it was meticulously detailed and made for worshipping the gods privately. An example of this devotion is an Indian Pala, type…

    Showplace Antique + Design Center
  • Auction Preview

    Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Works of Art

    Traditional art is timeless. It retains its beauty as its value increases. Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Works of Art Auction by Christie's showcases important Asian arts and antiques that are sure to remain elegant for centuries to come.   The auction is led by a gilt-bronze figure of Vajrasattva, with the highest…

    Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Works of Art/Auctiondaily