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    The Holiday Gallery Auction

    Leland Little Auctions will present the upcoming Holiday Gallery Auction. In this sale, a variety of collectible vehicles, Asian art, prints and multiples, jewelry, and pottery will be offered. One featured lot is a 1965 Chevrolet Malibu SS Convertible. This car produces 450 horsepower and 460 foot-pounds of torque. Most…

    An Antique English School Maritime Painting
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    Historic Autographs-Currency-Political-Americana-Militaria-Guns

    The Historic Autographs, Currency, and Gun auction, offered by Early American History Auctions, brings together documents from American figures such as President Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, as well as weaponry with historical significance.  The lot with the highest estimated value is a signed personal check from Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln…

    Early American History Auctions
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    The Mary Wells Advertising & Americana Auction

    The Mary Wells Advertising & Americana Auction, offered by Leland Little, is anchored by some tobacco advertisements from a variety of producers. One lot garnering a lot of early interest consists of two lithographs advertising Bull Durham brand tobacco. The largest, perhaps more desirable of the two, is from a…

    Duke Tobacco Poster Double Sided Folding Screen/AuctionDaily
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    Historical Photography, Selected Postcards & Collectible Prints

    The Historical Photography, Selected Postcards, and Collectible Prints auction by Artelisted gives you a peek into history, one snapshot at a time. Travel back to the 19th century with a Folk Black Americana painting of a Topsy Tobacco sign featuring an African American lady holding a bag of tobacco.  Transport…

    Antique - Vintage Postcard Halloween
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    The Armstrong Family Collection III Space Exploration Signature Auction

    Own a piece of history with the third installment of the Armstrong Family Collection by Heritage Auctions.  On July 20, 1969, America had achieved what was previously unimaginable: a man had walked on the moon.  Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission’s monumental achievement has become synonymous with American pride…