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    Urban Art Monthly Online Auction

    Known as a painter, muralist, product designer, and toymaker, KAWS is a noted feature of the 20th-century art world. In 1999, KAWS visited Japan, where he created his signature Companion toy. Following its success, the Companion became a recurring figure in KAWS’ work. The upcoming Urban Art Monthly Online Auction,…

    Takashi Murakami (b. 1962). Hiropon II Bear Solar Citizen (two works), 1998. Polyester plush toy
  • Auction Preview

    Beautiful Losers Collection Urban Art Monthly Online Auction

    Growing up in Jersey City, Brian Donnelly’s introduction to art was through graffiti rather than museums. He first went "bombing," a graffiti term for tagging multiple public areas, in middle school. Donnelly’s early tags would eventually become his professional name as an artist: KAWS. The upcoming Beautiful Losers Collection, presented…

    Alec Monopoly (b. 1986) Monopoly Money