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  • Auction Preview

    From Museum-Worthy Renoir Paintings to Qing Dynasty Antiques, Millea Bros. Presents Three-Day Extravagant Auction

    The upcoming auction by Millea Bros. is a three-day event that will showcase more than 1,000 lots. The first day features Modern art. Highlights include a Fernand L├ęger gouache, a Richard D. MacDonald bronze sculpture, Alberto Giacometti drawing, and works from the collection of Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason. Kahn and Mason…

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir (attrib.), oil on canvas
  • Auction Preview

    Native American Art

    The Haidan people, who are native to an archipelago of present-day Canada, believe that whales help travelers return home. In Haidan lore, donning the skin of a killer whale can also grant a person access to the spirit world. A ceremonial Haidan whale bowl is available in the upcoming Native…

    Crow Beaded, Buckskin and Trade Cloth Rifle Scabbard