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  • Auction Preview

    Pre-Columbian Olmec Jade Mask and 260 Million-Year-Old Permian Shark Fossil Lead Artemis Gallery Auction

    This autumn, Artemis Gallery will bring museum-worthy items from pre-Columbian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other civilizations to auction. The Exceptional Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art auction will open with a pre-Columbian Olmec jade maskette. The finely carved green omphacite jade mask dates back to 900 to 600 BCE. By that time,…

    Stunning Olmec Jade Maskette Were-Jaguar Transforming
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    Artemis Gallery Showcases Ancient Art from Around the World

    In pre-Columbian Peru, the Moche civilization thrived along the northern coast. They built complex cities and religious systems before the Inca came to dominate the region. Artemis Gallery’s upcoming Ancient & Ethnographic Art Through the Ages sale will highlight a pair of gilded copper earspools from this period. Silver and…

    Matched Moche Gilt Copper Earspools w- Silver Snails
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    Exceptional Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic

    The Achaemenid Persian Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great in 550 BCE, is often regarded as one of the ancient world's largest civilizations. This Iron Age dynasty was a global hub of art, religion, culture, science, and technology. The Achaemenids were fond of gold and silver jewelry and often used…

    Achaemenid Gold Bracelets w- Turquoise, Garnets (pr)
  • Auction Preview

    Variety Sale | Antiquities & Ethnographic Art

    The deification of animals in ancient Egypt existed long before its unification around 3100 B.C.E. Ancient communities worshipped images of animals such as dogs, cows, and sheep. Among the most preeminent animal cults were the bull cults, which appeared during the first Egyptian dynasty. Bulls served as symbols of courage,…

    Variety Sale Antiquities & Ethnographic Art Artemis Auction Gallery
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    Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art

    Leading Artemis Gallery’s mid-August Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic, & Fine Art sale is a Roman statuette of Cupid from the first to second century CE. Created during the transition from archaic to classical fine art styles, many Greek and Roman sculptors were combining realism with mythology. The available lot shows a…

    Huge - Important Panamanian 15K+ Gold Frog - 56 gr
  • Auction Industry

    East Meets West: Works of Art Across Cultures

    Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire, passion, and fertility. She is often portrayed as a complicated goddess, both generous and loving to those who respected her and easily offended with a temper. A Greek terracotta depiction of Aphrodite from the late Hellenistic period (400 - 30 BCE)…

    Fine Greek Terracotta Standing Aphrodite
  • Auction Preview

    Ancient / Ethnographic From Around the World

    The Shang dynasty (c. 1600 - 1046 BCE), the second dynasty of China, brought numerous cultural advances such as the transition from stone and iron to industrialized bronze casting. The Shang dynasty also introduced bronze sacral vessels. One such vessel was the gui, a bronze ritual vessel used to relay…

    Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Lidded Gui w- TL
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    Ancient Jewelry, Weaponry, and Coins

    When each Greek city-state was separate in the eighth century CE, military power and weaponry were necessary for sustained independence. At the beginning of the Greek Archaic age and end of the Bronze period, Greeks began wielding new styles of swords. Among them was a central European-style iron sword designed…

  • Auction Preview

    Ancient Art from the James and Marilynn Alsdorf Collection

    Lifelike funerary portraits flourished in Roman-era Egypt between the first and third centuries CE. Painted with tempera on wood or linen, these realistic pictures accompanied the deceased in funerals. The portraits joined Egyptian funerary traditions with Greco-Roman art practices. The upcoming sale of ancient art from the James and Marilynn…

  • Auction Preview

    America's Frontier | Ethnographic | Ancient

    Isis is the Egyptian goddess of childbirth, motherhood, and power, and she was equally famous among the polytheistic worshippers of the Roman Empire. During the early Imperial Period, her worship spread far and wide among the Romans. To honor the goddess, the emperor Caligula established a procession that wound through…

    18th C. New Mexican Leather Petaca - Traveling Trunk
  • Auction Preview

    African & Oceanic Art, Antiquities and Natural History

    Python was one of two vase painters from ancient Italy whose names have survived with their works. Python painted in the red-figure style, largely capturing traditional mythological and Dionysian themes. Two known signed works by Python reside in the British Museum and the Paestum Museum. Highlighted in the upcoming African…

  • Auction Preview

    Ancient / Ethnographic Around The World

    Artemis Gallery will present ancient art from Egypt, Greece, Italy and the Near East, as well as Asian, Fossils, Pre-Columbian, Native American, African / Tribal / Oceanic, Spanish Colonial, Russian Icons, Fine art, much more in the upcoming Ancient/ Ethnographic Around The World auction. Highlighted is a rare Phoenician bronze…

    Ancient / Ethnographic Around The World
  • Auction Preview

    Exceptional Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic

    Osiris— the god of fertility and the dead— was among the popularly worshiped gods in ancient Egypt. The legend associated with Osiris tells that he was killed by his brother Seth to acquire his crown, but was later revived by his wife and sister. The upcoming auction presented by Artemis…

    Roman Marble Relief of Minerva & Arachne, Art Loss Cert
  • Auction Preview


    From a marble torso of Narcissus to a volute-krater (an Athenian vase), Christie’s upcoming auction presents a diverse group of ancient art, antiques, and ethnographic pieces. The 63 curated items include ancient jewelry and classical relief sculptures.  A Roman marble relief with the Dioscuri is the lot with the highest…

  • Auction Preview

    Faces of the Past: Ancient Sculpture from the Collection of Dr. Anton Pestalozzi

    Greek, Etruscan and Roman sculptures reflect the society from the ancient past. The imagery of gods and important figures was prominent among ancient artistry. Christie’s upcoming auction ‘Faces of the Past’ is a look into the history with the 29 antiques and sculptures. All the ancient sculptures are from the…