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  • Auction Preview

    New Forest Painting by John Emms Featured in Upcoming Brunk Auctions Event

    John Emms, a prolific Norfolk painter, was famous for his lifelike portraits of animals. To fulfill his artistic endeavors, Emms eventually settled in London. His mastery of both painting and equestrian skills granted him multiple commissions in the city. Emms’ New Forest paintings of barn animals showcased his artistic ability…

    John Emms
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    Explore Fine American Antiques with Brunk Auctions

    David Drake was a 19th-century American potter known for his exceptional stoneware. Drake was a slave who worked at factories in the flourishing pottery state of South Carolina. When he was active, the artist was among the few literate slaves in America. His works were often signed with his initials…

    Important Early Dave Drake Attributed Inscription Jar
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    Fine Art & Antiques – Day 1

    Active between 1781 and 1835, the New Hall porcelain factory was a cooperative between several Staffordshire earthenware makers. The factory pioneered a new two-stage firing process, a lower temperature biscuit firing followed by a high-temperature glost firing. The resulting product – known for its hybrid hard-paste – had a milky…

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    English & Continental Furniture, Silver & Decorative Arts

    Silverware underwent many changes during the reign of George III. During his first few years in power, George II-style silver was still in use. It was only after the American Revolution that silverware returned to simpler forms from the Queen Anne period. After 1790, the demand for intricate designs was…

    Royal Interest- George III Sterling Silver Sugar Vase
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    Spring Auction

    The velocipede is typically considered the first bicycle and was patented in 1818 by Karl Drais. It featured solid rubber tires and long spokes on the front wheel to provide a faster and more comfortable ride. The Victor high wheel velocipede was later developed by the Overman Wheel Company of…

  • Auction Preview

    The Collection of Mario Buatta - Day 1

    Mario Buatta, an American interior decorator, was commonly regarded as “the Prince of Chintz.” Buatta owned a significant personal collection of decorative art, fine art, and furniture. This March, Stair presents over 1,000 items from Buatta’s collection over two days. The first session particularly features an ebonized four-light girandole mirror.…

    Pair of Chinese Export Porcelain Blue and White Vases Mounted as Lamps
  • Auction Preview

    Fine & Decorative Arts Monthly Online Auction

    The work of Mort Künstler combines the worlds of fine art and early history. One of his paintings, titled Green Corn Ceremony of the Creek, will be featured in the upcoming Fine & Decorative Arts Monthly Internet Auction offered by Heritage Auctions. This piece depicts a celebratory ritual practiced among…

    Mort Künstler (American, b. 1931)
  • Auction Preview

    STYLE: Furniture, Silver, Ceramics

    Sotheby's will present the upcoming two-day sale, STYLE: Furniture, Silver, Ceramics in October 2019. It will highlight Georgian furniture and silverware, as well as decorative art and antiques. A transition style George II mahogany open armchair is featured with an estimate of $80,000; several furniture pieces from the George I, George…

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    The Fine & Decorative Art Auction

    The Fine & Decorative Art Auction offered by  puts forth a vivid display of fine Chinese antiques from a prominent Texas collector and several other estates. A detailed and historically significant Chinese Ming Tibetan gilt bronze statue of Shakyamuni Buddha seated on a lotus throne, this Bhumyakramana-Mudra is the highest…

    Dallas Auction Gallery