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  • Auction Preview

    Explore Iconic Frederick Hurten Rhead Pottery and Tiffany Studio Lamps in Upcoming Rago Auction

    Frederick Hurten Rhead was a notable name among American ceramicists, famous for his studio and commercial pottery. Hailing from a family of Staffordshire potters, Rhead mastered multiple pottery techniques like the squeeze-bag method. The upcoming Rago auction features a 1911 pikesmen design vase by Frederick Hurten Rhead. Created during his…

    Exceptional vase with pikesmen
  • Auction Preview

    American Art Pottery

    Adelaide Robineau was an American ceramicist popular in the early 20th century. Robineau initially learned her craft from the American Impressionist artist William Merritt Chase. She learned to make high fire porcelain after spending just a few weeks in pottery school and reading various Sévres porcelain articles. The upcoming auction,…

    George E. Ohr, Large coupe
  • Auction Preview

    Early 20th Century Design

    George E. Ohr, often called the United States’ first art potter, blended his artistic vision with extraordinary skill. An 1897-1900 vase designed by Ohr stands out in the upcoming Early 20th Century Design auction, offered by Rago. The vase features a deep in-body twist and ribbon handles with a green and…

    Arthur Hennessey and Sarah Tutt for Marblehead Pottery, vase with crouching panthers in low relief