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    Art and Design Auction, 04142020

    After Walt Disney’s passing, his company’s animated films experienced a noticeable decline. While struggling to attain critical and commercial success, Disney began to transform its animated films into Broadway musicals. In the 1990s, production began on a musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Ann Hould-Ward designed the costumes for…

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    Geology Auction Rock, Gem, Mineral and Fossils Online Only

    The upcoming Rock, Gem, Mineral, and Fossils auction, presented by Lewis & Maese Auction Company, offers 300 lots of geological finds. Leading the collection is a large piece of amethyst shaped like a planet. The Greek legend associated with the stone tells that Dionysus, the god of intoxication and celebration, caused…

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    Ancient Jewellery, Weaponry And Classical Art

    The Ancient Jewelry, Weaponry, and Classical Art auction, presented by Pax Romana, will highlight the fossilized skeleton of a Psittacosaurus dinosaur. The lot comes with a nearly complete dinosaur skeleton, as well as fossilized materials from within its stomach. The Psittacosaurus is also known in English as a "parrot lizard.''…

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    Natural History

    Prehistoric creatures, the dinosaurs, walked the earth about 180 million years ago. Their existence remains fascinating to humankind, perhaps because of their unimaginable size and abilities; much like Ichthyosaurus, a marine reptile who had a body like a lizard but with fins. According to National geography, the reptile came into…

    Fossil Fern from Ohio/Auctiondaily
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    Nature & Science Signature Auction - Dallas #5435

    Many museums exist to celebrate the natural world and educate the public about its wonders. When walking through those exhibitions, it is always enticing to cherry-pick your favorites, a private collection in your imagination of the most beautiful and interesting pieces. In the upcoming Nature & Science Signature auction offered…

    Nature & Science Signature Auction - Heritage Auctions
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    Exceptional Day 2 Ethnographic Tribal Fossils

    Artemis Gallery offers Exceptional Day 2 of its Ethnographic Tribal Fossils auction. The collection includes a near-complete psittacosaurus dinosaur skeleton and an extremely rare theropod dinosaur egg nest with 25 eggs in it. Specific offerings include Pre-Columbian Maya and Chavin pottery, a Mapuche Stone Scepter with an anthropomorphic mask finial,…