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  • Auction Preview

    Pre-Columbian Olmec Jade Mask and 260 Million-Year-Old Permian Shark Fossil Lead Artemis Gallery Auction

    This autumn, Artemis Gallery will bring museum-worthy items from pre-Columbian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other civilizations to auction. The Exceptional Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art auction will open with a pre-Columbian Olmec jade maskette. The finely carved green omphacite jade mask dates back to 900 to 600 BCE. By that time,…

    Stunning Olmec Jade Maskette Were-Jaguar Transforming
  • Auction Preview

    Auctions at Showplace to Highlight Decorative Art and Jewelry During Asia Week New York

    The upcoming NYC Asia Week Estate Auction, presented by Auctions at Showplace, will highlight Asian fine and decorative arts, furniture, and jewelry. The collection includes several lots from the estate of a prominent Chinese musician. Bidders can consider important Chinese porcelain and pottery of the Ming dynasty, cinnabar boxes, ancient…

    Cesare Auguste Detti Musician Oil on Panel
  • Auction Industry

    East Meets West: Works of Art Across Cultures

    Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire, passion, and fertility. She is often portrayed as a complicated goddess, both generous and loving to those who respected her and easily offended with a temper. A Greek terracotta depiction of Aphrodite from the late Hellenistic period (400 - 30 BCE)…

    Fine Greek Terracotta Standing Aphrodite
  • Auction Preview

    Estate Jewelry, Fine Art & Collectibles

    The Etruscan civilization populated ancient Etruria and the neighboring territories around the sixth century BCE. It was known for its highly skilled artisans and jewelry making techniques. Etruscan jewelry is characterized by its detailed gold depictions of animals and symbols. The upcoming auction of Estate Jewelry, Fine Art, & Collectibles,…

    LeRoy Neiman, American (1921 - 2012)