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    Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus wristwatch, Patek Philippe launched several limited-edition versions with embossed dials. Included among these chronograph wristwatches is a Nautilus with a date feature and a 44-millimeter case, the largest case in the Nautilus family. Patek Philippe produced 1,300 of these watches. Presented in…

    Patek Philippe Nautilus 5976/1G
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    Variety Sale | Antiquities & Ethnographic Art

    Artemis Gallery will present over 300 items in the upcoming Antiquities & Ethnographic Art auction. Featured is a religious Roman stone mosaic from the fourth or fifth century. This piece shows a saint holding a scepter and wearing a pendant. He stands with one leg crossed in front of the…

    Greek Lucanian Terracotta Antefix of a Maenad
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    Early Fall Variety| Ancient & Ethnographic

    The Romans only called people from the African continent Ethiopians or Nubians. A Roman oil lamp depicting a "Nubian" is the lot with the highest estimated value in the upcoming Early Fall Variety: Ancient & Ethnographic auction, presented by Artemis Gallery. The Romans traded with people across Africa, and this…

    Stunning Egyptian Glazed Faience Offering Cup
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    African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art

    Traditionally, the Yombe people of southern Africa believed that power figures hunt down thieves and those who use magic to cause illness. An example of one such sculpted power figure is among the lots available in the upcoming African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art auction, presented by Bonhams. Its composition, from…

    Exceptional and Rare Maori Anthropomorphic Pendant, New Zealand, ca. 1600-1700/Auctiondaily
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    American Indian & Ethnographic Art

    Plains Indians used catlinite claystone for pipes or ritual items because of their vibrant color. "It ranges in color from pale pink to brick or blood red," says Rocks and Minerals, "and normally has small lighter spots - referred to as 'stars' - scattered throughout." An example of a catlinite…

    Northwest Coast Button Blanket
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    Sub-Saharan African Tribal Art

    The Sub-Saharan African Tribal Art auction, presented by Discover African Art, offers ethnographic lots such as drums, plaques, and masks from across the region. Among the most notable lots are two guere masks. The people of modern-day Liberia and the Ivory Coast purposefully made the guere masks look intimidating. This…

    Fang Ngongtang 4-Faced Helmet Mask 10.5"
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    Fine Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic Art

    The rhyta was an ancient drinking vessel used by Iranians and other ethnic groups. An example is available in the Fine Antiquities, Asian, and Ethnographic Art auction, presented by Artemis Gallery. This rhyta, or drinking vessel, is in the form of a fish man. Liquid is poured into the fish…

    Fine Antiquities, Asian, Ethnographic Art Artemis Gallery
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    Fine Art, Silver/Jewelry, Antiques, Asian, and Midcentury

    The Fine Art, Silver/Jewelry, Antiques, Asian, and Midcentury auction, offered by Clarke Auction Gallery, will include several important pieces of sterling and jewelry, as well as Asian, midcentury, and decorative arts.   The fine art selection features quality original paintings from old masters and contemporary artists alike. Among the striking and…

    JEWELRY. Men's Montblanc Meisterstuck 18kt Gold
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    Online Only Decorative Arts

    Pook & Pook Inc.’s auction Online Only Decorative Arts features a staggering 850 lots replete with American history.  Containing classic pieces of domestic life such as Victorian children squeak toys and redware molds, this unusual auction provides glimpses into historical American households.  There are creative pieces of folk art that…

    Online only Decorative Arts/AuctionDaily
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    Tribal and Ethnographic Weaponry

    Handsome, yet deadly is how the lots in Cowan's Tribal and Ethnographic Weaponry and Art sale, would be described. Scarce and sharp, the artifacts representing culture and art from around the world, constitute the auction. Objects, seen and read only in fiction, come to life. Like an attractive curved silver…

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    Emporium Auctions

    Calendars are marked for Brunk Auctions' upcoming Emporium Auction. Reasons include Asian works of art and favorites like a young boy feeding a rooster who decorates a pair of Chinese rose cups, Kangxi the emperor marked six gilt black and cobalt blue Chinese vases, and beautiful Buddhist calligraphy on two…

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    Palm Beach Collections

    The upcoming Palm Beach Collection auction offered by Hindman features a diverse collection of pieces that span from the 17th to 20th century and includes furniture, decorative arts, and paintings, among other categories.  With over 643 pieces and bids beginning from $10 to $2,500, here is an opportunity to acquire…

    PR-237 Palm Beach Collections by Hindman
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    Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles

    The Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles auction by Kodner offers elegant objects in a wide variety of categories.   With starting bids from $25-$10,000, there are an eclectic mix of items accessible to a variety of collectors. Alongside a novelty slot machine is a18K white gold necklace with 25.0 carats of…

    Estate Jewelry, Art & Collectibles by Kodner Galleries
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    VARIETY AUCTION | Ancient & Ethnographic

    The Ancient and Ethnographic auction offered by Artemis Gallery features a variety of antiquities from around the world including pottery, jewelry, and textiles.  Dating from the 2nd century BCE to 20th century CE, the range of objects is vast and with bids starting from $100-$1,800, provides an accessible opportunity for…

    PR-195 VARIETY AUCTION Ancient Ethnographic by Artemis Gallery