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    Pre-Columbian Olmec Jade Mask and 260 Million-Year-Old Permian Shark Fossil Lead Artemis Gallery Auction

    This autumn, Artemis Gallery will bring museum-worthy items from pre-Columbian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and other civilizations to auction. The Exceptional Antiquities Ethnographic Fine Art auction will open with a pre-Columbian Olmec jade maskette. The finely carved green omphacite jade mask dates back to 900 to 600 BCE. By that time,…

    Stunning Olmec Jade Maskette Were-Jaguar Transforming
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    Upcoming Hindman Sale Explores Antiquities, Islamic and Indian Art

    In Greek mythology, a prophecy foretold that the son of Zeus would defeat his father and take his throne. Afraid the prophecy might come true, Zeus swallowed his pregnant wife Metis. Athena was later born from Zeus’ head. The goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts, Athena was worshipped as one…

    An Attic Red-Figured Pelike with Athena on a Chariot
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    Antiquities & Ethnographic Art Highlights Artemis Gallery Auction

    Considered a mythological creature, serpents held special significance in many pre-Columbian civilizations. In some Mesoamerican cultures, serpents specifically represented Quetzalcoatl, the feathered deity of wind, air, and learning. In the upcoming Variety Sale, Artemis Gallery will present a pair of gilded copper tupus or pins that each resemble a two-headed…

    Rare Egyptian Gold Figural Amulet of Pataikos
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    Antiquities | Asian | Ethnographic Art

    Iranian-American Abstract artist Masoud Yasami does not associate himself with any specific artistic group. Rather, his multi-dimensional artworks often experiment with space, color, illusion, balance, and chaos. As the artist states, “For many years I have dealt with gravitational force as the drama in my work; for example creating the illusion…

    18th C. European Brass Mortar and Pestle
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    Variety Sale | Antiquities & Ethnographic Art

    The deification of animals in ancient Egypt existed long before its unification around 3100 B.C.E. Ancient communities worshipped images of animals such as dogs, cows, and sheep. Among the most preeminent animal cults were the bull cults, which appeared during the first Egyptian dynasty. Bulls served as symbols of courage,…

    Variety Sale Antiquities & Ethnographic Art Artemis Auction Gallery
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    The Art of Time

    In the era before smartphones and gift cards, many companies gave retiring employees the gift of a gold watch or carriage clock. The latter was often a symbol of the time served, but also functioned as an artistic medium. Popular between 1860 and 1900 in France, carriage clocks were decorative…

    Thomas Engel And Richard Daners, No. 28. A Fine Unique 18k Gold Open Face Keyless Pocket Chronometer
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    Ancient Coins featuring the Glacier Rams Solidi Collection - Session B

    Lydia was a well-known center for trade and commerce and was also considered one of the first kingdoms in the world to issue coins, called staters, as currency. They were first introduced to the Lydian empire during the rule of King Alyattes between 619 and 560 BCE. The Lydian stater…

    CELTIC BRITAIN. Trinovantes & Catuvellauni. Uninscribed. AV Stater.jpg
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    Ancient / Ethnographic Art Through The Ages

    The upcoming Ancient/ Ethnographic Art Through the Ages auction, presented by Artemis Gallery, features an Egyptian shabti. The funerary figurine was intended for Khaemwaset, the revered fourth son of Ramesses II. He was the first Egyptologist to document Egypt's Old Kingdom monuments, which were over 1,000 years old during his lifetime.…

    20th C. Indian Marble Carving of Durga & Lion Mount
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    Ancient | Near-Eastern | Asian Art

    The upcoming Ancient | Near-Eastern | Asian Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery, highlights a painting by Masoud Yasami. An Iranian American artist, Yasami’s abstract multi-dimensional works deal with space, color, illusion, balance, and chaos. He uses a variety of mediums and materials to create his works. As the artist says, “For…

    Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Lidded Vessel (You)
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    Antiquities | Pre-Columbian | Ethnographic

    The first Russian icons appeared in the 12th century. During the same period, the tradition of covering icons with metal barriers called oklads was also popularized. An oklad usually covers the entire icon except the face, hands, and feet. Typically, it is more than a decoration and a shield against…

    Egyptian Predynastic Naqada III Basalt Vessel
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    Atlanta Collections, Session II

    In his early years, Georg Jensen apprenticed as a goldsmith under a firm called Guldsmed Andersen. Jensen would eventually become a noted Danish silversmith who began the Copenhagen company that bears his name. As he traveled through Europe, he embraced the prevailing Art Nouveau style, which would influence many of…

    A Flemish Verdure Tapestry
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    Antiquities & Islamic Art

    The Nayarit region of western Mexico is known for its distinct pottery style. Since the third century CE, the inhabitants have been honoring the dead by crafting sculptural ceramic vessels. One such pottery piece from the Nayarit people will be featured in the upcoming Antiquities & Islamic Art auction, offered…

    An Attic White-Ground Lekythos
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    Ancient Art from the James and Marilynn Alsdorf Collection

    Lifelike funerary portraits flourished in Roman-era Egypt between the first and third centuries CE. Painted with tempera on wood or linen, these realistic pictures accompanied the deceased in funerals. The portraits joined Egyptian funerary traditions with Greco-Roman art practices. The upcoming sale of ancient art from the James and Marilynn…

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    Fine Jewelry

    In 1822, Howard Carter and his team discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen and all the treasures that lay inside. This discovery prompted a new interest in Egyptian jewelry. Brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Van Cleef & Arpels began making Egyptian-style pieces, also known as Egyptian revival…

    Gold, Enamel and Diamond Fish Clip-Brooch
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    A84: May Exceptional Antiquities Sale

    During the Cretaceous Period, much of western North America was covered by shallow seawater. As the water receded, it left behind large quantities of sediment, which paleontologists still study today. This includes the Hell Creek Formation, a 300-foot-thick ancient deposit near Jordan, Montana. The tooth of an adult Tyrannosaurus rex…

    Egyptian grey stone head of a Pharaoh, Late Period-Ptolemaic
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    African & Oceanic Art, Antiquities and Natural History

    Python was one of two vase painters from ancient Italy whose names have survived with their works. Python painted in the red-figure style, largely capturing traditional mythological and Dionysian themes. Two known signed works by Python reside in the British Museum and the Paestum Museum. Highlighted in the upcoming African…

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    Carpets and Textiles Online

    Featured in the upcoming Carpets and Textiles online auction is a Persian Tabriz carpet. This rug was likely made in the city of Tabriz, one of the oldest rug weaving centers in present-day northwest Iran. It bears a pattern of flowers and hexagons in shades of brown, tan, and black.…

    Carpets and Textiles Online
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    Early Fall Variety| Ancient & Ethnographic

    The Romans only called people from the African continent Ethiopians or Nubians. A Roman oil lamp depicting a "Nubian" is the lot with the highest estimated value in the upcoming Early Fall Variety: Ancient & Ethnographic auction, presented by Artemis Gallery. The Romans traded with people across Africa, and this…

    Stunning Egyptian Glazed Faience Offering Cup
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    Richmond, Virginia Premier Auction

    The American Atlas was first published in 1776 in London by Thomas Jefferys. This atlas was the most comprehensive detailed and accurate survey of the American colonies at the beginning of the Revolution. Summarized in 22 engraved maps on 29 sheets, The American Atlas will be presented at the Richmond,…

    14kt. Garnet and Diamond Ring/Auctiondaily
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    From a marble torso of Narcissus to a volute-krater (an Athenian vase), Christie’s upcoming auction presents a diverse group of ancient art, antiques, and ethnographic pieces. The 63 curated items include ancient jewelry and classical relief sculptures.  A Roman marble relief with the Dioscuri is the lot with the highest…