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    Outsider & Fine Art, Curious Objects

    Morton Bartlett did not have a family, so he made his own. It was only after Bartlett died that the life-sized dolls that served as his family became widely known. In the upcoming Outsider, Fine Art, & Curious Objects auction, presented by Rago Auctions, one of Barlett's dolls will be…

    MORTON BARTLETT (American, 1909-1992)/Auctiondaily
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    Focus On Outsider Art

    Outsider art (also called self-taught art, art brut, or visionary art) is the cousin to folk art - more weird and challenging than pleasant and pretty. Outsider artists are often, though not always, other-minded. Many are socially incompatible or alienated, visionary, obsessive, religious or spiritual, and generally unconcerned with what's…