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    Maya Death Gods and Dinosaur Eggs Highlight Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art Sale

    A complete clutch of Therizinosaurus eggs highlights Artemis Gallery's upcoming Fine Antiquities, Ethnographic & Fine Art sale. The Therizinosaurus is known for its scythe-like claws; its name, in fact, means "Scythe Lizard." Because it is unlikely that a predator could steal an entire clutch of eggs, the auction house believes…

    Therizinosaurus Egg Clutch, 70 to 120 Million Years Old
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    Ancient Jewellery, Weaponry And Classical Art

    The Ancient Jewelry, Weaponry, and Classical Art auction, presented by Pax Romana, will highlight the fossilized skeleton of a Psittacosaurus dinosaur. The lot comes with a nearly complete dinosaur skeleton, as well as fossilized materials from within its stomach. The Psittacosaurus is also known in English as a "parrot lizard.''…

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    Natural History

    Prehistoric creatures, the dinosaurs, walked the earth about 180 million years ago. Their existence remains fascinating to humankind, perhaps because of their unimaginable size and abilities; much like Ichthyosaurus, a marine reptile who had a body like a lizard but with fins. According to National geography, the reptile came into…

    Fossil Fern from Ohio/Auctiondaily
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    Pre-Columbian | Tribal | Ethnographic

    The Asmat people of modern-day Indonesia took the job of respecting their dead seriously. The skull of an Asmat person is one of the most striking lots in the Pre-Columbian, Tribal, and Ethnographic auction presented by Artemis Gallery. The eyes and nose are not only covered in soil, sap, bright…