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    MYNT Auctions Presents a GIA-Certified 8.06-Carat Diamond in Upcoming Sale

    MYNT Auctions will offer GIA-certified diamonds in the upcoming Collectible Coins, Gold, Loose Diamonds & More auction. Founded in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has set and maintained gemstone standards through its continued research and by educating both buyers and sellers. In 1953, the GIA used the four…

    Loose Diamond - Cushion 8.06 Ct Si1 Vg E
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    The Drs. Joanne and Edward Dauer Sale of World Banknotes Signature Auction

    The Drs. Joanne and Edward Dauer Sale of World Banknotes, offered by Heritage Auctions, will offer rare paper currency from around the globe. Among the featured notes at auction are several from the Commonwealth of Australia, including a ten-pound note from 1918. The auction house estimates that there are only…

    Australia Commonwealth of Australia 10 Pounds
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    CAC Approved Coinage US Coins Month-Long Online Auction

    The upcoming CAC-Approved US Coins event, offered by Heritage Auctions, brings nearly 200 coins to the auction block. One of the featured lots is a 1924-5C Buffalo nickel. This coin replaced the Liberty Head nickel in 1913 and was designed by sculptor James E. Fraser. The buffalo on the back…

    1894-O 25C MS64+ PCGS. CAC.
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    The Charles Pease Collection Special Currency Online Auction

    In 1816, President James Madison authorized the establishment of the Second Bank of the United States. At the time, private banks were printing too much money, causing high inflation rates and creating the need for another state-run bank. A $100 bill from the Second Bank of the United States is…

    Newark, NJ- Newark Banking Company $5 Feb. 1, 1861
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    The Mackinaw Collection US Coins Month-Long Online Auction

    In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt decided American coinage should be more decorative. He commissioned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens for the initiative, and the result was the Saint-Gaudens double eagle coin. A 1931 Saint-Gaudens double eagle is highlighted in the upcoming US Coins event, offered by Heritage Auctions. The twenty-dollar coin shows…

    The 1931 is among the scarcest and most sought-after issues in the Saint-Gaudens double eagle
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    Washington Fall Asian Antique & Jewelry #75

    Explore Asian antiques and jewelry items in the upcoming Washington, DC sale offered by Capitoline Auction Gallery. Wucai is a Chinese technique of decorating porcelain with five colors. The origin of Wucai porcelain dates back to the Ming period. This sale will feature a Wucai vase from the later Kangxi…

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    Estate Chinese Antiques & Jewelry

    Eddie’s Auction is delighted to put forth a well-selected range of Chinese jewelry and more in the forthcoming Estate Chinese Antiques & Jewelry Auction. The bright, double-strand coral necklace is the highlight of the auction. Other jewelry pieces include necklaces, rings, and pendants However, dominating the auction are Chinese porcelain…

    Estate Chinese Antiques & Jewelry
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    Long Beach Expo U.S. Coins Signature Auction

    The Long Beach Expo U.S. Coins Signature Auction offers an abundance of coins that are vital to any coin collection.  Featured coin is the 1975 NO S Roosevelt dime, one of the rarest issued in the U.S. federal series. This is one of only two known coins with the error.…

    Long Beach Expo U.S. Coins Signature Auction?Auctiondaily
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    Long Beach Expo US Currency Signature Auction

    The Long Beach Expo US Currency Signature Auction by Heritage Auctions is an offering of over 2,600 US currency-related items for the collector of fine and rare legal tender. Among the pieces expected to create the most interest is a newly discovered $50 gold certificate. It is a fully original…

    Heritage Auctions
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    Canes, Coins, and Firearms World Class Auction

    The upcoming Canes, Coins, and Firearms World Class Auction by the Tennessee house Kimball M. Sterling Inc. is full of history and highly collectible objects.  The coin portion of the auction originates from the Hamby Coin estate and includes many rare proof type coins that are all slabbed, as well…

    Kimball Sterling
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    Fine Coins and Currency

    The Fine Coins and Currency: Timed Live Auctioneers Auction by Cowan’s Auctions is a traditional live auction.  It showcases many fine coins and rare currency.  Featured is one United States $20 gold Liberty Head by Kellogg & Co. and dated 1854 with a PCGS grade of AU50.  One United States…

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    Colonial & Continental Currency-Coinage-Historic Peace Medals- Encased Postage Stamps

    The Early American History Auction is a time portal to the historic coins, currency, and stamps. The auction offers a sneak peek into iconic collectibles such as George Washington Inaugural Button with inscription that says “Long Live the President”. Alongside, this auction has the highest bid of 1775 Paul Revere…

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    Coins + Currency

    Rago offers its first online-only sale of numismatics in the upcoming Coins + Currency auction. It features a variety of United States and foreign items, including U.S. paper bills from the 19th century and British coins from the 1700s. Included is a U.S. $10 bison note from 1901, a $20…

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    The upcoming Numismatics auction offered by Hindman includes a wide variety of collectible coins and currency. It covers centuries of history, with United States coins dating from 1795 to 1987. The lots have starting bids ranging from $10 to $4,000, making this auction accessible to collectors of all levels of…