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  • Auction Preview

    Fine Estate Auction

    Ancient censers were vessels used for burning incense, perfume, or pastille. Varying in size and design, some were made of simple earthenware while others were intricately carved in metal. One of the highlights of the upcoming Fine Estate auction is a cloisonné enamel tripod censer from the 19th century. Decorated…

    Sapphire, Diamond, 18k Yellow Gold Ring
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    Asian Arts

    Cloisonné enamel gained popularity in China during the early 14th and 15th centuries under the reign of the Ming Xuande emperor. This technique first arrived in the western province of Yunnan, where it became known as Dashi ware. Originally intended for the furnishing of temples, cloisonné objects were later showcased…

    Chinese, Rare and Large Guanyin
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    An Eclectic Collection and Mid Century Sale

    “When I held a lithographic stone or a copperplate in my hand I thought I was touching a talisman,” Marc Chagall once expressed. An early Modernist artist, Chagall worked in mediums ranging from prints and lithographs to paintings and drawings. Chagall started making lithographs in 1922 to create dreamy scenes…

    Patrick Mavros Elephant Sterling Silver Ashtray
  • Auction Preview

    The Violet Taaffe Estate

    In the early 20th century, while many photographers began to favor the clean modernism of Group f/64 (an artist collective based in San Fransisco), William Mortensen favored Pictorialism. Active during the same period as Group f/64, he endured significant criticism for his dark, romantic, and mystical works as a result.…

    Armin Carl Hansen (1886 - 1957)
  • Auction Preview

    Contemporary, Outdoor, Collectable, Asian, and Decorative Auction

    Highlighted in the upcoming Nadeau's Auction Gallery event is a set of wood engravings and drawings by Thomas Nason. A self-taught printmaker, Nason was also known as the Poet Engraver of New England for his love of capturing rural areas in both etchings and prose. The set of five wood…

    Chinese blue and white porcelain planter
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    Asian Works of Art

    Korean astronomer Jang Yeong-sil was a Chief Engineer in the court of Korea’s King Sejong the Great. Belonging to humble origins, Jang became one of the most prominent Korean academics of his time. The Korean sundial, or Angbu-ilgu, was among his notable inventions. Meaning “pot-shaped sun clock staring at the…

    Blue and White Water Coupe
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    May Asian Sale

    Cloisonné is mainly used to decorate metal objects or ceramics. The technique involves applying colored enamels to different materials, which are then fired to bring out the design. It likely originated in ancient Egypt or the Byzantine Empire. It later spread to China, where it was applied to bronze and…

    porcelain cover jar
  • Auction Preview

    Asian Decorative Arts - Online-Only Auction

    In 1951, the São Paulo Art Biennial awarded prizes to Hanga artists rather than the usual master painters and sculptors. The two artists selected were Tetsuro Komai for his etchings and Kiyoshi Saito for his woodblock prints. Sosaku Hanga artists were generally disregarded in the Japanese art world, for their…

  • Auction Preview

    Asian Art Catalogue Auction : Session I

    Yongzheng faux bois brush pots are always painted in grisaille (grey monochrome) enamel, however, the addition of Famille rose enamel makes them extremely rare. The faux bois and Famille rose porcelain brush pot offered in the Session I of the Asian Art Catalogue Auction was a part of the Royal…