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  • Auction Preview

    No Reserve Single Owner Los Angeles Collector, Session I

    The production of porcelain decorative art reached its height during the Chinese Ming dynasty. These porcelain pieces, particularly moon flasks, were often made in a traditional style. Moon flasks were mainly designed with symbolic floral motifs that reflected the passing seasons. A blue-glazed moon flask vase is among the highlights…

    Chinese Enameled Porcelain Covered Container
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    Hanneke Beaumont Sculpture and Coca Cola Machine Highlight Akiba Antiques Sale

    The Vendo 39 Coca Cola machine first crossed the production line in 1949. Over 80,000 of these vending machines were made, tempting those in gas stations, parks, and grocery stores across the United States to buy a Coke. Featured in the upcoming Eclectic Collection sale, presented by Akiba Antiques, is…

    Hanneke Beaumont (Dutch. 1947) Bronze Sculpture
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    Paintings, Furniture, Cars, Decorative Arts & Fine Rugs

    American Pop artist Jeff Koons began his Gazing Balls series in 2013 by placing blue hand-blown glass spheres on re-created classical sculptures. A few years later, Koons began placing the balls in front of painted replicas from art history. The artist believes that while these works reference the past, the…

    Karel Appel. In Between the Flowers
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    1, 2, 3...Sold! Online Only Sale

    Guanyin is a Chinese manifestation of the Avalokiteśvara bodhisattva, a being committed to attaining Buddhahood. Avalokiteśvara embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. Also known as Tara or Jetsun Dölma in Tibet, Avalokiteśvara is a significant figure in Buddhism. One of the noteworthy lots in the upcoming Showplace Antique + Design…

    Assorted Asian Table Articles, Group of 7
  • Auction Preview

    Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

    A Chinese hu is a pear-shaped wine vessel with a swollen body flaring into a narrow neck. Author Jenny So documents the evolution of the vessel in Eastern Zhou Ritual Bronzes from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections, vol. III. According to So, hu vessels were made from the end of the 8th century…

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    Los Angeles Collection | No Reserve

    The Kangxi emperor was among the most prominent Chinese emperors of the Manchu Qing dynasty. The imperial kilns at Jingdezhen, overlooked for almost 60 years, were reopened during his reign. With the help of Jesuit missionaries, the emperor introduced new technologies to manufacture commercial and imperial porcelain. Kangxi-period porcelain especially…

    Chinese Doucai Porcelain Vase
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    Los Angeles Collection | Single Owner

    A gu vessel is a Chinese container that was used for wine or ritual offerings during the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The tall and slim vessels have a flared and tapered base and a wider mouth. The high stem cups used during the Neolithic age were an inspiration for the…

    Chinese Enameled Porcelain Covered Jar
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Vetted Historical Asian And Western Art

    In the upcoming Fine Vetted Historical Asian and Western Art auction, Madison Square Gallery Inc. will present a variety of categories with an emphasis on Asian and decorative art. A gilt bronze figure of Heruka Hayagriva is one of the featured lots. In Tibetan Buddhism, there are said to be eight ‘Wisdom…

    Famille Rose Porcelain Buddha On Stand, Xue Changlin
  • Auction Preview

    Asian Works of Art

    A.H. Wilkens Auctions & Appraisals’ upcoming Asian Works of Art auction will particularly highlight Chinese jade and porcelain works, ranging from the Yuan dynasty to the Republican period. An 18th-century vessel from the Qing dynasty covered with celadon jade is among the key lots. Designed to resemble a historical bronze…

  • Auction Preview

    Day-1 Summer 2020 Chinese Antiques & Fine Arts

    In Buddhism, Manjusri is believed to be the deity of wisdom. Mythology suggests that Manjusri, represented in a male form, carries the “Sword of Wisdom” and uses it to destroy the darkness of ignorance. A sculpture of Manjusri from China is highlighted in the upcoming Chinese Antiques & Fine Arts…

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    An Eclectic Collection and Mid Century Sale

    “When I held a lithographic stone or a copperplate in my hand I thought I was touching a talisman,” Marc Chagall once expressed. An early Modernist artist, Chagall worked in mediums ranging from prints and lithographs to paintings and drawings. Chagall started making lithographs in 1922 to create dreamy scenes…

    Patrick Mavros Elephant Sterling Silver Ashtray
  • Auction Preview

    The Violet Taaffe Estate

    In the early 20th century, while many photographers began to favor the clean modernism of Group f/64 (an artist collective based in San Fransisco), William Mortensen favored Pictorialism. Active during the same period as Group f/64, he endured significant criticism for his dark, romantic, and mystical works as a result.…

    Armin Carl Hansen (1886 - 1957)
  • Auction Industry

    East Meets West: Works of Art Across Cultures

    Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, desire, passion, and fertility. She is often portrayed as a complicated goddess, both generous and loving to those who respected her and easily offended with a temper. A Greek terracotta depiction of Aphrodite from the late Hellenistic period (400 - 30 BCE)…

    Fine Greek Terracotta Standing Aphrodite
  • Auction Preview

    July Asian Sale

    Showcased in the upcoming July Asian Sale, offered by WR Auction Gallery, is a Chinese bronze Buddha potentially created in the Qing dynasty. The Qing dynasty was the last imperial dynasty in China, ruling from 1644 to 1912. Chinese Buddhism is one of the country’s oldest foreign religions and balances…

    Chinese porcelain vessel, possibly 19th c.
  • Auction Preview

    Art Of Asia- From Antiquity To Present Day Auction

    During China’s Han dynasty period, funerary figures buried alongside tombs were believed to be necessary for a safe journey to the afterlife. The imperial Han court honored deceased military officials by giving them an elaborative funeral cortege along with these sculptures. The upcoming Art Of Asia- From Antiquity To Present…

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    Asian Works of Art

    Photographer Hedda Morrison’s interest in photography started when she was gifted her first camera, a Box Brownie, at the age of 11. In later years, she would become known for capturing the city of Beijing and the lives of its people in the 1930s and 40s. A key lot in…

    Chinese Green Glazed Porcelain Bowl
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    Ceramics and Works of Art

    In 1759, the Qianlong emperor ordered a review of the Qing court attire system. The dragon robe, in particular, was only given to those of high rank. It represented the professional attire of members of the military and civil service. The upcoming Ceramics and Works of Art sale, offered by…

    Chinese White Jade Toggle of Child, 18th Century
  • Auction Preview

    Donald Pettinelli & Harriet P. Estates Ses-1

    Offered in the first session of the Donald Pettinelli & Harriet P. Estates auction, offered by Roswell Auctions, is a selection of Asian ceramics, furniture, paintings, and sculpture. Chinese porcelain and other works of art are particularly highlighted in the sale, including a statue of Sakyamuni. A gilt bronze statue…

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    Ancient | Near-Eastern | Asian Art

    The upcoming Ancient | Near-Eastern | Asian Art sale, presented by Artemis Gallery, highlights a painting by Masoud Yasami. An Iranian American artist, Yasami’s abstract multi-dimensional works deal with space, color, illusion, balance, and chaos. He uses a variety of mediums and materials to create his works. As the artist says, “For…

    Chinese Shang Dynasty Bronze Lidded Vessel (You)
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    Fine Art & Antiques – Day 1

    Active between 1781 and 1835, the New Hall porcelain factory was a cooperative between several Staffordshire earthenware makers. The factory pioneered a new two-stage firing process, a lower temperature biscuit firing followed by a high-temperature glost firing. The resulting product – known for its hybrid hard-paste – had a milky…