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  • Auction Preview

    Oriental Rugs from American Estates | 40

    Oriental rugs are heavy carpets often made of silk, wool, and cotton. These are used for both utilitarian and decorative purposes. The carpets have been produced across regions sometimes known as the “Rug Belt,” including northern China, Tibet, Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, India, and Pakistan. Some of the leading lots…

    Oriental Rugs from American Estates - 40
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    Morton Weekly

    José Manuel Schmill Ordóñez was always a free-spirited and bold individual. Whilst the early training period, Ordonez realized there wasn’t much Jose Bardasano (Ordóñez’s teacher) could teach to further his skills in artistry. Hence, Ordóñez left to be inspired by the paintings of John Singer Sargent, Abram Arkhipov, and Max…

    Morton Subastas
  • Auction Preview

    Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art

    For the New York City art community, September 6 – 14 is an exciting week featuring works of art from all over Asia. In correlation with the 2019 September Asian Week, Gianguan Auctions offers their 17th annual fall sale in which they showcase the beauty of Chinese craftsmanship through the…

    Gianguan Auctions
  • Auction Preview

    Fabulous Estates, Italian and French Antiques

    France and Italy epitomize the beauty of the old world. Their antiques and artifacts maintain their elegance far into the future. In their August 25 auction, Austin Auction Gallery offers many Italian and French antiques from several estates. Collectors will observe impressive and imposing works such as a French Louis…

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    INCC Nippon Collectors Annual Auction

    Nippon is a relic of the turn of the 20th century. From 1891 to 1921, all Japanese porcelain imported to the United States was stamped with the word “Nippon” on the base. Beginning August 3, Forsyths’ Auctions offers the annual Nippon Collector’s Auction from the International Nippon Collectors’ Club. Vibrant…

    Forsythes’ Auctions, LLC
  • Auction Preview

    Pre-Columbian | Tribal | Ethnographic

    The Asmat people of modern-day Indonesia took the job of respecting their dead seriously. The skull of an Asmat person is one of the most striking lots in the Pre-Columbian, Tribal, and Ethnographic auction presented by Artemis Gallery. The eyes and nose are not only covered in soil, sap, bright…

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    Fine Western & American Art

    By the last quarter of the 19th century, the American era of cowboys and Indians and the open West was coming to a close. An artist, Frederic Remington lost much of his savings trying to be a cowboy in Kansas. But he still told tall tales of the frontier and…