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    Spring Auction

    The velocipede is typically considered the first bicycle and was patented in 1818 by Karl Drais. It featured solid rubber tires and long spokes on the front wheel to provide a faster and more comfortable ride. The Victor high wheel velocipede was later developed by the Overman Wheel Company of…

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    The Winter Antiques Sale – Live Auction

    Pottery dogs were often used as funerary objects during China’s Han dynasty period. Archaeologists discovered that pottery dogs were buried alongside their owner’s tombs in Nanyang. Many people believed dogs were able to protect them from evil and help them enjoy a peaceful afterlife. The first day of the upcoming…

    The Winter Antiques Sale – Live Auction (1)
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    Premier Auctions

    "I paint many paintings that tell me slowly that I have something inside of me that is just bursting, twisting, sticking, spilling over to get out,” Bob Thompson is quoted by the Minneapolis Museum of Art. The African-American figurative painter applied unnatural shades to form distorted human, animal, and phantom…

    Monumental Dave Edgefield Stoneware Jar
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    Picasso Ceramics Online

    Pablo Picasso, a versatile artist with expertise in a variety of mediums, bears a lasting influence on the art world. From practicing Realism early in his career to pioneering Cubism, Picasso also made significant contributions to Symbolism and Surrealism. Though best known for his paintings, the Spanish artist is also…

    PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973)
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    The Starr Collection: A Legacy of Connoisseurship

    Over 200 years ago, Josiah Wedgwood developed a secret recipe for his signature jasperware pottery. This new style of stoneware was matte, unglazed, and dipped in color. Decorated with accents and figures, the baby blue and white jasperware has become a cornerstone of Wedgwood’s offerings. Built over several decades, it…

    Wedgwood Style Two Handle Vase
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    Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Art

    A Large Diquis Gold Pendant c. 700-1400 AD, a magnificent Nazca Cushma c. 200-500 AD, and a rare Olmec Mask c. 300-500 BC headlines a trove of Pre-Columbian art featured in Heritage Auctions’ Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian and Tribal Auction June 25 in Dallas, Texas. The auction also includes…